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Mitigating 2020 tarnished legacies is our reality

Magazine mashup from American Libraries, Jan/Feb 2021. More mashups here.

Send everyone all your vibe

Magazine mashup from the Shutterfly 2020 Cards & Gifts catalog. More mashups here.

Help, History is Addictive

Magazine mashups from Sports Illustrated (forgot to write down issue date). More here.

One nation under The Rock

Magazine mashups from GQ, June 2017. More here.

Why pause? Life’s magical moments right in front of you

Magazine mashups from Money, June 2017. More here.

Florida Man Busy Book Learning

Going old school with magazine mashups this time, from Better Homes and Gardens, December 1962:

Be the change; Just kidding!

Magazine mashups from Psychology Today, June 2016 (more here):

Don’t let affordable technology ruin your day

Mashups from the March/April 2016 issue of Popular Science. (See more magazine mashups.)

Magazine Mashups: North America’s best is Rodney Dangerfield

Mashups from the January 28, 2018 issue of New York Times Magazine. (See more magazine mashups.)

Magazine Mashups: Am I human?

Mashups from Scientific American, March 2017. (See more magazine mashups.)