‘Uncommon Type’ by Tom Hanks – a typecast review


tmunk says:

heh, well I like his other work and apparent attitude towards life. Think I’ll get me a copy, as I don’t much mind over-written dialogue. 😀

Chad says:

I’ll bet the dialogue was at least fun to type-write!

Richard P says:

Sounds like fun! I am impressed by the thickness of the book. Tom has been busy.

Hammond Type-O-Matic? That’s a new one for me! 🙂

Chad says:

You know what, now I’m not sure about the Type-O-Matic. It’s in the book as Hammond Type-O-Matic; Wilson did use a Hammond, but I wonder if it’s an error? Probably should have done some research on that first.

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Richard P says:

I am looking forward to this.

By Time-O-Matic, Tom probably meant Multiplex.

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