Tom Hanks, Olympia, and Me

I had the pleasure of seeing a photo of mine get the Ken Burns treatment on CBS Sunday Morning’s story this weekend about Tom Hanks, his new book, and his love of typewriters:

One of my colleagues got an advance copy of Hanks’ book at a library conference back in June specifically because she knew I’d love it—and I did, enough to write my first typecast review. For the accompanying image I thought pairing the book’s beautiful blue cover with my Olympia SM7 (acquired at the splendid Retro-Revolution in Madison, WI) of almost the same shade made sense and looked great:


Since I posted it far enough ahead of the book’s publication date, the photo (along with the images of my typewritten review) had time to climb up the ranks of Google Images under searches for “Uncommon Type”, which no doubt is how the CBS producer found it.

I knew Hanks’ book would give typewriters A Moment; I didn’t realize I’d be part of it! But I am happy to be. The book is out Tuesday: go get it and then get a typewriter of your own.


T. Munk October 16, 2017 Reply

Nice! It’s an excellent photo, well deserved! (:

joevc October 16, 2017 Reply

Congrats! It’s a wonderful image. I enjoyed the CBS story, although Hanks’s book has received less than stellar reviews from the likes of The NY Times. But heck with them!

Chad October 17, 2017 Reply

That’s to be expected with celebrity entrees into unusual territory. He doesn’t stack up to Shakespeare, but he has a surprisingly well defined voice for his first published writing.


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