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My professional pantheon

I now have my own office at work, along with a bookshelf I don’t have much to put on. So I moved the figurines I used to keep on my desk to the top of the bookshelf and christened them my professional pantheon. Here’s what they are and what I’ll look to them for.


  • Liberty Bell pencil holder (for… promoting freedom?)
  • LEGO DeLorean (for pondering paradoxes)

Bottom, from left:

  • Bobblehead of Dwight Schrute from The Office (for staying weird)
  • A pirate (for finding adventure)
  • A book-reading giraffe from Tanzania (for seeking wisdom)
  • Abraham Lincoln bobblehead (for inspiring my better angels)
  • Deluxe Nancy Pearl Librarian Action Figure set (for reppin’ that #librarylife)

I Never Really Processed 9/11…

It’s good to see the Office back again. Here are my favorite parts of the season 5 premiere (possible spoilers ahead!):

–Another classic Psychopath Jan moment: Jan: “Remember last week when that girl went missing? Guess whose candles they used for the vigil.” Kevin: “Yeah, thank God they found her.” Jan: “They found her?”

–When Holly discovers Kevin is not mentally-challenged is a classic painfully awkward Office moment. Angela’s response was hilarious too.

–Andy’s four non-refundable deposits on wedding locations, one of which is Epcot.

–Ryan is back. I can’t say I ever liked Ryan as a character. I realize he’s supposed to be sort of unlikeable, but whatever. The fact that he now has a list of people who wronged him, and how he “never really processed 9/11” is hilarious though.

–Phyllis is now the head of the Party Planning Committee. And the best line of the episode belonged to her: “I wonder what people like about me. Probably my jugs.”

–Pam is an RA! Rockin’ sockin’. I love Jim got kicked out because Pam had to deal with roommate issues. So true.

–Toby just can’t catch a break. Apparently what happened to Toby actually happened to one of the Office writers.

–Is it just me, or is there some conflict brewing between Jim and Pam? Their phone conversation that eventually switched to instant messanger had a smack of disappointment from Pam. Who knows. We have a whole season ahead of us.

Also, I totally predicted after last season’s finale that Jim would propose in the first episode, or at least within the first two. Called it.

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Great Scott And Last ‘Lost’

Somehow I’m not surprised by this bit of news. At least McClellan is willing to admit he was wrong about something.

In other, happier news: Lost finale tomorrow! I have high hopes for another mind-blower. Don’t let me down, writers. The finale of The Office was uninspiring, so give me something to love on TV again.

Also, I went to see Barbara Walters tonight. She is promoting her new book. It was awesome.

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Lost Vs. The Office

It seems like after the writers’ strike-induced hiatus, LOST got a whole lot better and The Office got a whole lot worse.

LOST‘s entire 4th season has been, overall, pretty fantastic. They’ve taken a new yet exciting direction with the implementation of flash-forwards and they now have an end date for the series, so they’re able to write towards that finale with some confidence.

The Office, on the other hand, has lost something. The first half of the season, before the strike, was strong and moved the story along well enough and remained consistently funny, with both their trademark painful awkwardness and crazy hysterics from Michael or Dwight.

After the strike, nothing was that funny. Most of the story lines became borderline depressing and staid. The Jim/Pam arc was going okay even though they were together, yet in recent episodes, I keep expecting Jim to propose and every he doesn’t take the chance, the excitement for their relationship wanes a little more.

There are little moments that are funny; mostly the Jim/Dwight pranks, but that is quickly becoming a tired element of the show. It can’t produce all of the laughs. I realize and respect the need for drama in a comedy. I think it makes The Office a more mature sitcom if it can handle darker material. But recently, it hasn’t been doing that well.

The finale failed to inspire any more confidence. While I recognize the need to set-up the stories for next season — Dwight and Angela still going hot ‘n’ heavy, Jim and Pam still unable to seal the deal, Michael and Jan still trapped in a horribly destructive relationship — I didn’t laugh once during the finale. There were a few smiles and an occasional half-hearted chuckle, but that’s it.

Maybe I’ll watch it again and give it another chance, but as of right now, I’m not pining for the return of The Office. On the other hand, Lost has betwixt me heart and soul and I have to resign to the fact that us Losties have to wait another millennium for a new season. That is, of course, if the Screen Actors Guild doesn’t go on strike and ruin another TV season. I could care less about any other show; just let The Office and Lost live.