I Never Really Processed 9/11…

It’s good to see the Office back again. Here are my favorite parts of the season 5 premiere (possible spoilers ahead!):

–Another classic Psychopath Jan moment: Jan: “Remember last week when that girl went missing? Guess whose candles they used for the vigil.” Kevin: “Yeah, thank God they found her.” Jan: “They found her?”

–When Holly discovers Kevin is not mentally-challenged is a classic painfully awkward Office moment. Angela’s response was hilarious too.

–Andy’s four non-refundable deposits on wedding locations, one of which is Epcot.

–Ryan is back. I can’t say I ever liked Ryan as a character. I realize he’s supposed to be sort of unlikeable, but whatever. The fact that he now has a list of people who wronged him, and how he “never really processed 9/11” is hilarious though.

–Phyllis is now the head of the Party Planning Committee. And the best line of the episode belonged to her: “I wonder what people like about me. Probably my jugs.”

–Pam is an RA! Rockin’ sockin’. I love Jim got kicked out because Pam had to deal with roommate issues. So true.

–Toby just can’t catch a break. Apparently what happened to Toby actually happened to one of the Office writers.

–Is it just me, or is there some conflict brewing between Jim and Pam? Their phone conversation that eventually switched to instant messanger had a smack of disappointment from Pam. Who knows. We have a whole season ahead of us.

Also, I totally predicted after last season’s finale that Jim would propose in the first episode, or at least within the first two. Called it.

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nataliewrites October 6, 2008 Reply

i loved this episode. they really brought it back to classic office. the weight loss plot was just hilarious. and what was with that whole exchange with ryan and kelly?


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