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Grumpy Old Men (December 2020)
The Big Country (October 2019)
Booksmart (October 2019)
The Seventh Seal (December 2018)
The Death of Stalin (March 2018)
School of Rock (January 2018)
Little Women (December 2017)
Thor: Ragnarok (November 2017)
Columbus (November 2017)
California Typewriter (October 2017)
Obit (August 2017)
Wonder Woman (June 2017)
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (June 2017)
Escanaba in da Moonlight
(April 2017)
The Innocents
(November 2016)
The Apu Trilogy
(September 2016)
The Wave
 (September 2016)
Everybody Wants Some!!
(July 2016)
Captain America: Civil War
(May 2016)
Midnight Special
(April 2016)
The Big Short (January 2016)
Love & Mercy (December 2015)
The Martian (October 2015)
Slow West (September 2015)
Inside Out (June 2015)
Force Majeure (January 2015)
Calvary (August 2014)
Jane Eyre (August 2014)
Boyhood (July 2014)
This Is Martin Bonner (July 2014)
Noah (March 2014)
12 Years A Slave (October 2013)
Electrick Children (September 2013)
The Purple Rose of Cairo (September 2013)
Conan O’Brien Can’t Stop (February 2012)
Midnight In Paris & Me And Orson Welles (June 2011)
The Cove (March 2010)
Phoebe In Wonderland (April 2009)
Twilight (April 2009)
Stranger Than Fiction (January 2009)
Happy-Go-Lucky & Slumdog Millionaire (December 2008)
The War by Ken Burns (December 2008)
Quantum of Solace (November 2008)
Back To The Future (October 2008)
The Sting (October 2008)
Iron Man (May 2008)
Casino Royale & The Bourne Identity (April 2008)
High Noon & On The Waterfront (February 2008)
Lord of the Rings (February 2008)
12 Angry Men (February 2008)
Some Like It Hot (November 2007)
Rear Window (October 2007)
Taxi Driver (October 2007)
The Notebook (October 2007)
Quinceañera (May 2007)
The Prestige (October 2006)


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