They went back! On a ‘Lost’ retrospective podcast

Really enjoyed the SYFY limited podcast series Through the Looking Glass: A LOST Retrospective, which celebrates 15 years since the premiere of Lost in 2004.

Hosted by Tara Bennett and Maureen Ryan—two television writers who covered the show’s original run—the podcast consists of six episodes that examine Lost from different perspectives, including how it revolutionized fan engagement, viral marketing, the phenomenon of showrunners, and television in general.

The final episode features Lost showrunners Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse, who were game as always. Their own podcast that they ran while making the show was the first one I ever followed. Before social media was a thing, they made interaction with fans a vital part of the show’s development and marketing.

As an avowed fan of the series finale (fight me), I couldn’t help but relish Damon’s harsh but true words for George R. R. Martin, who was critical of the finale at the time but has now very publicly run into his own issues ending Game of Thrones. Even if his ending matches or exceeds the now crazy high expectations, he will have done it with far more time and creative control than the Lost guys were afforded for theirs.

And yet, despite my appreciation for the series, I haven’t felt compelled to rewatch it since the original airing. Perhaps because of the time commitment, or the foreknowledge of having to wade through some of the weaker episodes.

But this podcast makes me want to revisit it. You all everybody want to join me?

5 responses to “They went back! On a ‘Lost’ retrospective podcast”

  1. Can’t wait to check this out! I believe I have watched the series more than five times now though… ?

    1. Wow. Now I need a “what I’ve learned from watching Lost five times through” post from you.

  2. Have to admit the first 3 seasons are classics that I have watched repeatedly, but I’m not much into the last seasons. I did power through it all when it was originally on, though. Sort of like BSG.

    1. In my memory season 1 was great but then it floundered a bit until season 4, when they had an end date for the series. But I’m sure a rewatch will help clarify that.

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