Introducing ‘One Typed Quote’

Here’s a new fun thing from me: One Typed Quote, an online catalog of short, share-worthy quotes typewritten onto paper and lovingly flung onto the internet.

This new venture was inspired by the blog One Typed Page, created last year by Typewriter Review purveyor Daniel Marleau. I pitched OTQ to Daniel as an offshoot of OTP and he jumped onboard.

For years I’ve been collecting quotes I like from books, movies, songs, podcasts, and other random sources. I never knew what I’d do with them; it just felt good to save them for reference, librarian that I am.

One Typed Quote lets me share these quotes quickly and easily, in a visually interesting way, using tools I deeply admire. The blend of analog and digital also befits my personality and general ethos of life.

How to participate

Follow and contribute on Instagram:

Don’t have a typewriter? Email your favorite quotes to and I’ll turn them into OTQ treasures.

Have your typewriter (platen) ready to roll? Here’s how to join the merry coterie of quoters:

  1. Pick a quote. From a book, movie, song, podcast—doesn’t matter so long as it’s brief and beautiful.
  2. Type it. On paper, with a typewriter. Include the author and source material.
  3. Share it. Take a pic (square is ideal) while it’s still in the typewriter, then post it on Instagram with the hashtag #onetypedquote and the typewriter’s make/model/year (if known) in the caption.
  4. Or email it. Send the pic and caption to to be shared on the @onetypedquote account.

That’s it. My hope is this will inspire a steady stream of captivating quotes from a variety of sources, but I have no expectations other than having fun sharing typewritten bits of wisdom I’ve encountered and appreciated myself.

Happy typings!

3 responses to “Introducing ‘One Typed Quote’”

  1. Great project. It’s a contemporary version of the “commonplace book.”

    1. That’s the idea. Looking forward to your contributions! ?