One Typed Quote

Inspired by One Typed Page, One Typed Quote features brief quotes from books, movies, and more, typewritten onto paper and lovingly flung onto the internet. (Here’s some background on it.)

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Don’t have a typewriter? Email your favorite quotes to and I’ll turn them into OTQ treasures.

Have your typewriter (platen) ready to roll? Here’s how to join the merry coterie of quoters:

  1. Pick a quote. From a book, movie, song, podcast—doesn’t matter so long as it’s brief and beautiful.
  2. Type it. On paper, with a typewriter. Include the author and source material.
  3. Share it. Take a pic (square is ideal) while it’s still in the typewriter, then post it on Instagram with the hashtag #onetypedquote and the typewriter’s make/model/year (if known) in the caption.
  4. Or email it. Send the pic and caption to to be shared on the @onetypedquote account. Will include your first name unless anonymity is requested.

Happy tappings!