Comello’s Kitchen

Here are four things I recommend to make your time in the kitchen better.

Onion goggles. My wife and I laughed at these when we saw them in a store, because they are laughable. It took a few passes before we gave them a try, and now I’m mad at myself for all that pointless, ugly onion crying I endured before now.

Gordon Ramsay’s onion cutting technique. After yet again botching what should be a routine process, I hit up YouTube for a more efficient way to cut onions. This one was a minor epiphany. Unless you need slices, this is the way to go.

Manual food chopper. I love being able to mince several garlic cloves in a few seconds. It’s a few more pieces to clean but totally worth it.

Immersion hand blender. I make breakfast smoothies regularly, but using a traditional blender was a nightmare. The ingredients would whip up to the sides of the glass and not blend, and it was a pain in the ass to clean. Got one of these on a recommendation and it changed everything. Easy to blend and clean, and it’s the perfect serving size. (And get you some reusable metal straws, people.)

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I must have seen that video, before. It explains why my wife (who works in food service) has such a hard time with onions and I don’t. She must be doing it the way she was taught, which aerates the allicin, which triggers the weeping eyes. Odd, though, since she usually devours anything Gordon Ramsay says.

Recently splurged on an immersion blender. How did we not have one of these, sooner?


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