Since 2008 I’ve logged all the movies I’ve watched for the first time. Once I started logging my reading in 2010, I combined every book I’ve read and movie I’ve seen into this searchable and sortable logbook. Most recent entries are at the top.

2568Devil in a Blue DressFranklin, Carl1995
2567Brief History of Motion: From the Wheel, to the Car, to What Comes NextStandage, Tom2021
2568Fallen LeavesKaurismäki, Aki2023
2567Killers of the Flower MoonScorsese, Martin2023
2566Molli and Max in the FutureLitwak, Michael Lukk2024
2565Please Don't Destroy: The Treasure of Foggy MountainBriganti, Paul2023
2564Society of the SnowBayona, J.A.2023
2563Holdovers, ThePayne, Alexander2023
2562LightyearMacLane, Angus2022
2561Creator, TheEdwards, Gareth2023
2560Asteroid CityAnderson, Wes2023
2559Poor ThingsLanthimos, Yorgos2023
2558SaltburnFennell, Emerald2023
2557Past LivesSong, Celine2023
2556MaestroCooper, Bradley2023
2555BottomsSeligman, Emma2023
2554SerendipityChelsom, Peter2001
2553Leave the World BehindEsmail, Sam2023
2552Meet Me in St. LouisMinnelli, Vincente1944
2551May DecemberHaynes, Todd2023
2550Indiana Jones and the Dial of DestinyMangold, James2023
2549Happiest SeasonDuVall, Clea2020
2548Elevator to the GallowsMalle, Louis1958
2547Cranes Are Flying, TheKalatozov, Mikhail1957
2546Rare Exports: A Christmas TaleHelander, Jalmari 2010
2545Holiday AffairHartman, Don1949
2544White ChristmasCurtiz, Michael1954
2543Miracle on 34th StreetSeaton, George1947
2542Scout's Honor: The Secret Files of the Boy Scouts of America Knappenberger, Brian2023
2541Saint of Second Chances, TheNeville, Morgan2023
2540KelceArgott, Don2023
2539Starling Girl, TheParmet, Laurel2023
2538Opposable Thumbs: How Siskel & Ebert Changed MoviesSinger, Matt2023
2537DetourUlmer, Edgar G. 1945
2536Killer, TheFincher, David2023
2535Concrete UtopiaUm Tae-hwa2023
2534BlackBerryJohnson, Matthew2023
2533Scream 6Bettinelli-Olpin, Matt2023
2532Come From AwayAshley, Christopher2021
2531Scream 5Bettinelli-Olpin, Matt2022
2530Scream 4Craven, Wes2011
2529Long Goodbye, TheAltman, Robert1973
2528It FollowsMitchell, David Robert2014
2527Shining, TheKubrick, Stanley1980
2526MCU: The Reign of Marvel StudiosRobinson, Joanna2023
2525Train to BusanYeon, Sang-ho2016
2524Joy RideLim, Adele2023
2523Pigeon Tunnel, TheMorris, Errol2023
2522Flora and SonCarney, John2023
2521You Hurt My FeelingsHolofcener, Nicole2023
2520No One Will Save YouSheffield, Brian2023
2519Let the Right One InAlfredson, Tomas2008
2518Scream 3Craven, Wes2000
2517MidsommarAster, Ari2019
2516Scream 2Craven, Wes1997
2515Fair PlayDomont, Chloe2023
2514ScreamCraven, Wes1996
2513CoherenceByrkit, James Ward2013
2512Paw Patrol: The Mighty MovieBrunker, Cal2023
2511Eight Men OutSayles, John1988
2510Little Shop of HorrorsOz, Frank1986
2509Witch, TheEggers, Robert2016
2508BarbieGerwig, Greta2023
2507Artifice Girl, TheRitch, Franklin2023
2506Oppenheimer Nolan, Christopher 2023
2504Wager: A Tale of Shipwreck, Mutiny and MurderGrann, David2023
2503You Are So Not Invited to My Bat MitzvahCohen, Sammi2023
2502How to Blow Up A PipelineGoldhaber, Daniel2023
2501Whip ItBarrymore, Drew2009
2500President Is a Sick Man, TheAlgeo, Matthew2011
2499For a Few Dollars MoreLeone, Sergio1965
2498Are You There God? It's Me, MargaretCraig, Kelly Fremon2023
2497Shattered GlassRay, Billy2003
2496TillChukwu, Chinonye2022
2495At the Heart of Gold: Inside the USA Gymnastics ScandalCarr, Erin Lee2019
2494Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among ThievesDaley, Jonathan Frances & Jonathan Goldstein2023
2493Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3Gunn, James2023
2492Knock at the CabinShyamalan, M. Night2023
2491Revenant, TheIñárritu, Alejandro2015
2490Cabin in the Woods, TheGoddard, Drew2011
2489I'm Glad My Mom DiedMcCurdy, Jennette2022
2488Aftersun Wells, Charlotte2022
2487Theater CampGordon, Molly2023
2486Rye LaneAllen-Miller, Raine2023
2485River of the GodsMillard, Candice2022
2484Kiss Me DeadlyAldrich, Robert1955
2483Camp NowherePrince, Jonathan1994
2482Ticket to ParadiseParker, Oliver2022
2481Triangle of SadnessÖstlund, Ruben2022
2480Beyond Human NatureNeelson, Michael2023
2479Spider-Man: Across the Spider-VersePowers, Kemp2023
2478Thomas Crown Affair, TheMcTiernan, John1999
2477Man From U.N.C.L.E., TheRitchie, Guy2015
2476But I'm A CheerleaderBabbit, Jamie1999
2475She SaidSchrader, Maria2022
2474BiosphereEslyn, Mel2023
2473RealitySatter, Tina2023
2472SplashHoward, Ron1984
2471Meek's CutoffReichardt, Kelly2010
2470AirAffleck, Ben2023
2469Still: A Michael J. Fox MovieGuggenheim, Davis2023
2468Cha Cha Real SmoothRaiff, Cooper2022
2467Confess, FletchMottola, Greg2022
2466White Men Can't JumpShelton, Ron1992
2465Church of Baseball: The Making of Bull DurhamShelton, Ron2022
2464Creed IIIJordan, Michael B.2023
2463Ford v FerrariMangold, James2019
2462Ducks: Two Years in the Oil SandsBeaton, Kate2022
2461Shakespeare in LoveMadden, John1998
2460Art and Science of ArrivalLapointe, Tanya2022
2459Oscar Wars: A History of Hollywood in Gold, Sweat, and TearsSchulman, Michael2022
2458PreyTrachtenberg, Dan2022
2457I'll Have What She's Having: How Nora Ephron's Three Iconic Films Saved the Romantic ComedyCarlson, Erin2017
2456TárField, Todd2022
2455Lorax, TheRenaud, Chris2012
2454Horton Hears A Who!Hayward, Jimmy & Steve Martino2008
2453PriestdaddyLockwood, Patricia2017
2452NarvikSkjoldbjærg, Erik2022
2451ElvisLuhrmann, Baz2022
245080 for BradyMarvin, Kyle2023
2449BlanketsThompson, Craig2003
2448Climb, TheCovino, Michael Angelo2020
2447Marcel the Shell With Shoes OnCamp, Dean Fleischer2022
2446The Wicked + The Divine Vol 1: The Faust ActGillen, Kieron & Jamie McKelvie2014
2445How to Do Nothing: Resisting the Attention EconomyOdell, Jenny2019
2444Lyle, Lyle, CrocodileSpeck, Will & Josh Gordon2022
2443Three Minutes: A LengtheningStigter, Bianca2022
2442Petite MamanSciamma, Céline 2021
2441Volcano: Rescue from WhakaariKennedy, Rory2022
2440BabylonChazelle, Damien2022
2439Glass Onion: A Knives Out MysteryJohnson, Rian2022
2438SpiritedAnders, Sean2022
2437Avatar: The Way of WaterCameron, James2022
2436Decision to LeavePark Chan-wook2022
2435PinocchioDel Toro, Guillermo2022
2434BrooklynTóibín, Colm2009
2433HavenDonoghue, Emma2022
2432Emily the CriminalFord, John Patten2022
2431Sr. Smith, Chris2022
2430Fabelmans, TheSpielberg, Steven2022
2429Wonder, TheLelio, Sebastián2022
2428Twilight World, TheHerzog, Werner2022
2427YojimboKurosawa, Akira1961
2426Fire of LoveDosa, Sara2022
2425Writing of the Gods, The: The Race to Decode the Rosetta StoneDolnick, Edward2021
2424After YangKogonada2022
2423Banshees of Inishiern, TheMcDonagh, Martin2022
2422Why Fish Don't Exist: A Story of Loss, Love, and the Hidden Order of LifeMiller, Lulu2020
2421World's Worst Assistant, TheMovsessian, Sona2022
2420Kiki's Delivery ServiceMiyazaki, Hayao1989
2419Book LoversHenry, Emily2022
2418Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power (season 1)Payne, J. D. & Patrick McKay2022
2417Nineties, The: A BookKlosterman, Chuck2022
2416End of Education: Redefining the Value of SchoolPostman, Neil1995
2415AthenaGavras, Romain2022
2414Hunt for Red October, TheMcTiernan, John1990
2413American Buffalo: In Search of a Lost IconRinella, Steven2008
2412Chip 'n Dale: Rescue RangersSchaffer, Akiva2022
2411BarbarianCregger, Zach2022
2410Lilo & StitchSanders, Chris & Dean DeBlois2002
2409Salty: Lessons on Eating, Drinking, and Living from Revolutionary WomenWilkinson, Alissa2022
2408Last Movie Stars, TheHawke, Ethan2022
2407PonyoMiyazaki, Hayao2008
2406Thirteen LivesHoward, Ron2022
2405Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon: Becher, Will & Richard Phelan2019
2404Gray Man, TheRusso, Anthony & Joe2022
2403NopePeele, Jordan2022
2402Don't Make Me GoMarks, Hannah2022
2401Young Girls of Rochefort, TheDemy, Jacques1967
2400Blood, Sweat & Chrome: The Wild and True Story of Mad Max: Fury RoadBuchanan, Kyle2022
2399Bad Guys, ThePerifel, Pierre2022
2398Northman, TheEggers, Robert2022
2397Worst Person in the World, TheTrier, Joachim2021
2396World Lit Only By Fire, A: The Medieval Mind and the RenaissanceManchester, William1992
2395EmergencyWilliams, Carey2022
2394HustleZagar, Jeremiah2022
2393How the Word Is Passed: A Reckoning with the History of Slavery Across AmericaSmith, Clint2021
2392Office BFFs: Tales of The Office from Two Best Friends Who Were ThereFischer, Jenna & Angela Kinsey2022
2391We Own This CitySimon, David2022
2390Top Gun: MaverickKosinski, Joseph2022
2389Turning RedShi, Domee2022
2388Jackass 4.5Tremaine, Jeff2022
2387Everyday Sisu: Tapping into Finnish Fortitude for a Happier, More Resilient LifePantzar, Katja2022
2386MLK/FBIPollard, Sam2020
2385AbominableCulton, Jill2019
2384Minx, season 1Rapoport, Ellen2022
2383Winning Time, season 1Borenstein, Max & Jim Hecht2022
2382Jackass ForeverTremaine, Jeff2022
2381Paddington 2King, Paul2017
2380Everything Everywhere All At OnceKwan, Daniel & Daniel Scheinert2022
2379PaddingtonKing, Paul2014
2378All the Old KnivesPedersen, Janus Metz2022
2377Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age ChildhoodLinklater, Richard2022
2376Summer of SoulQuestlove2021
2375SingJennings, Garth2016
2374RepriseTrier, Joachim2006
2373Hero on a Mission: A Path to a Meaningful LifeMiller, Donald2022
2372I Want You BackOrley, Jason2022
2371Red RocketBaker, Sean2021
2370Bowery, The: The Strange History of New York's Oldest StreetDevillo, Stephen Paul2017
2369Index, A History of the: A Bookish Adventure from Medieval Manuscripts to the Digital AgeDuncan, Dennis2021
2368Little FishHartigan, Chad2021
2367Story of You, The: An Enneagram Journey to Becoming Your True SelfCron, Ian Morgan2021
2366KimiSoderbergh, Steven2022
2365No Time to DieFukunaga, Cary Joji2021
2364Extra Life: A Short History of Living LongerJohnson, Steven2021
2363HudRitt, Martin1963
2362Hero, AFarhadi, Asghar2021
2361UndinePetzold, Christian2021
2360We Had A Little Real Estate ProblemNesteroff, Kliph2021
2359Station ElevenSomerville, Patrick2021
2358Last Duel, TheScott, Ridley2021
2357Tender Bar, TheClooney, George2021
2356Don't Look UpMcKay, Adam2021
2355C'mon C'monMills, Mike2021
2354Lost Daughter, TheGyllenhaal, Maggie2021
2353EncantoBush, Jared & Byron Howard2021
2352French Dispatch, TheAnderson, Wes2021
2351In the Heights: Finding HomeMiranda, Lin-Manuel & Quiara Alegría Hudes2021
2350Licorice PizzaAnderson, Paul Thomas2021
2349Courier, TheCooke, Dominic2021
2348Spider-Man: No Way HomeWatts, Jon2021
2347Plot, TheKorelitz, Jean Hanff2021
2346Rescue, TheChin, Jimmy & Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi2021
2345KlausPablos, Sergio2019
2344West Side StorySpielberg, Steven2021
2343How the Irish Saved CivilizationCahill, Thomas1995
2342Beatles, The: Get BackJackson, Peter2021
2341Miracle and Wonder: Conversations with Paul SimonGladwell, Malcolm2021
2340Power of Myth, TheCampbell, Joseph1988
2339Listening to Kenny GLane, Penny2021
2338Nine DaysOda, Edson2021
2337Memoirs of Stockholm Sven, TheMiller, Nathaniel Ian2021
2336Power of the Dog, TheCampion, Jane2021
2335King RichardGreen, Reinaldo Marcus2021
2334Harder They Fall, TheSamuel, Jeymes2021
2333BewildermentPowers, Richard2021
2332ProcessionGreene, Robert2021
2331tick, tick… BOOM!Miranda, Lin-Manuel2021
2330Raya and the Last DragonHall, Don & Carlos Lopez Estrada2021
2329PassingHall, Rebecca2021
2328FinchSapochnik, Miguel2021
2327PigSarnoski, Michael2021
2326Keep Going: 10 Ways to Stay Creative in Good Times and BadKleon, Austin2019
2325LuLaRichFurst, Jenner & Julia Willoughby Nason2021
2324Where the Deer and the Antelope Play: The Pastoral Observations of One Ignorant American Who Loves to Walk OutsideOfferman, Nick2021
2323Witness for the ProsecutionWilder, Billy1957
2322DuneVillenueve, Denis2021
2321Green Knight, TheLowery, David2021
2320Guilty, TheFuqua, Antoine2021
2319Song of Achilles, TheMiller, Madeline2011
2318Midnight Library, TheHaig, Matt2020
2317Great Glorious Goddamn of It All, TheRitter, Josh2021
2316Secret Life of the Savoy: Glamour and Intrigue at the World's Most Famous HotelWilliams, Olivia2021
2315Great Believers, TheMakkai, Rebecca2018
2314Card Counter, TheSchrader, Paul2021
2313Shiva BabySeligman, Emma2021
2312CODAHeder, Sian2021
2311Four Thousand Weeks: Time Management for MortalsBurkeman, Oliver2021
2310LucaCasarosa, Enrico2021
2309Quiet Place Part II, AKrasinski, John2021
2308VivoDeMicco, Kirk2021
2307Crimson TideScott, Tony1995
2306Drunk: How We Sipped, Danced, and Stumbled Our Way to CivilizationSlingerland, Edward2021
2305Old Man & the Gun, TheLowery, David2018
2304Weight of Gold, TheRapkin, Brett2020
2303Anthropocene Reviewed, TheGreen, John2021
2302For Small Creatures Such as We: Rituals for Finding Meaning in Our Unlikely WorldSagan, Sasha2019
2301Great Muppet CaperHenson, Jim1981
2300Pelican Brief, ThePakula, Alan1993
2299No Sudden MoveSoderbergh, Steven2021
2298CroupierHodges, Mike1998
2297Black Holes: The Edge of All We KnowGalison, Peter2021
2296LFGFine, Andrea and Sean Fine2021
2295Paper Trails: The US Post and the Making of the American WestBlevins, Cameron2021
2294Showbiz KidsWinter, Alex2020
2293In the HeightsChu, Jon2021
2292Bo Burnham: InsideBurnham, Bo2021
2291Quiet Place, AKrasinski, John2018
2290Ghost Map: The Story of London's Most Terrifying Epidemic—And How It Changed Science, Cities, and the Modern WorldJohnson, Steven2006
2289Father, TheZeller, Florian2020
2288MinariChung, Lee Isaac2020
2287Black WidowShortland, Cate2021
2286Age of Wood, The: Our Most Useful Material and the Construction of CivilizationEnnos, Roland2020
2285Mitchells vs. the Machines, TheRianda, Mike2021
2284Judas and the Black MessiahKing, Shaka2021
2283Bomber Mafia: A Dream, a Temptation, and the Longest Night of the Second World WarGladwell, Malcolm2021
2282Barb and Star Go to Vista Del MarGreenbaum, Josh2021
2281Wonderworks: The 25 Most Powerful Inventions in the History of LiteratureFletcher, Angus2021
2280Last Blockbuster, TheMorden, Taylor2020
2279Promising Young WomanFennel, Emerald2020
2278Operation Varsity Blues: The College Admissions ScandalSmith, Chris2021
2277Fake Love Letters, Forged Telegrams, and Prison Escape Maps: Designing Graphic Props for FilmmakingAtkins, Annie2020
2276Natural History of the Senses, AAckerman, Diane1990
2275Another RoundVinterberg, Thomas2020
2274ThiefMann, Michael1981
2273Hunt for History, The: On the Trail of the World's Lost TreasuresRaab, Nathan2020
2272MoxiePoehler, Amy2021
2271NomadlandZhao, Chloe2021
2270Underland: A Deep Time JourneyMacfarlane, Robert2019
2269RunChaganty, Aneesh2020
2268Palm SpringsBarbakow, Max2020
2267Splendid and the Vile: A Saga of Churchill, Family, and Defiance During the BlitzLarson, Erik2020
2266Dig, TheStone, Simon2021
2265Down from Basswood: Voices of the Boundary WatersLaitala, Lynn Maria2001
2264Jimmy Carter: Rock & Roll PresidentWharton, Mary2020
2263Education of a Wandering ManL'Amour, Louis1989
2262One Night in MiamiKing, Regina2020
2261Museum of Whales You Will Never See, TheGreene, A. Kendra2020
2260Alright, Alright, Alright: The Oral History of Richard Linklater's Dazed and ConfusedMaerz, Melissa2020
2259SoulDocter, Pete2020
2258Sunny Days: The Children's Television Revolution That Changed AmericaLamp, David2020
2257Breath: The New Science of a Lost ArtNestor, James2020
2256First CowReichardt, Kelly2020
2255On the RocksCoppola, Sofia2020
2254WolfwalkersMoore, Thom2020
2253TenetNolan, Christopher2020
2252Ma Rainey's Black BottomWolfe, George C.2020
2251TimeBradley, Garrett2020
2250Boys StateMoss, Jesse & Amanda McBaine2020
2249DrivewaysAhn, Andrew2020
2248Go to Sleep (I Miss You): Cartoons from the Fog of New ParenthoodKnisley, Lucy2020
2247Red, White and BlueMcQueen, Steve2020
2246DadsHoward, Bryce Dallas2020
2245Bad EducationFinley, Cory2020
2244Sound of MetalMarder, Darius2020
2243MankFincher, David2020
2242GreyhoundSchneider, Aaron2020
2241ContagionSoderbergh, Steven2011
2240Man for All Seasons, AZinnemann, Fred1966
2239Pandora's BoxPabst, G.W.1929
2238WingsWellman, William1927
2237Answers in the Form of Questions: A Definitive History and Insider's Guide to Jeopardy!McNear, Claire2020
2236Lovers RockMcQueen, Steve2020
2235MangroveMcQueen, Steve2020
2234Emmade Wilde, Autumn2020
2233DevolutionBrooks, Max2020
2232Yes, God, YesMaine, Karen2020
2231Assistant, TheGreen, Kitty2020
2230RecursionCrouch, Blake2019
2229QuincyJones, Quincy2018
2228Diana: In Her Own WordsJennings, Tom2017
2227Only Lovers Left AliveJarmusch, Jim2013
2226Ghosts of the AbyssCameron, James2003
2225Dick Johnson Is DeadJohnson, Kirsten2020
2224Bear, TheKrivak, Andrew2020
2223Trial of the Chicago 7, TheSorkin, Aaron2020
2222Breaking Bread with the Dead: A Reader's Guide to a More Tranquil MindJacobs, Alan2020
2221My Octopus TeacherEhrlich, Pippa2020
2220Social Dilemma, TheOrlowski, Jeff2020
2219One Summer: America, 1927Bryson, Bill2013
2218Magic MikeSoderbergh, Steven2012
2217Night Lives On, The: Thoughts, Theories and Revelations about the TitanicLord, Walter1986
2216Kramer vs. KramerBenton, Robert1979
2215Meditations on HuntingOrtega y Gasset, José1972
2214Worlds of J.R.R. Tolkien: The Places That Inspired Middle-earthGarth, John2020
2213I'm Thinking of Ending ThingsKaufman, Charlie2020
2212Just MercyCretton, Destin Daniel2019
2211Portrait of a Lady on FireSciamma, Céline2019
2210Color of Money, TheScorsese, Martin1986
2209Dark WatersHaynes, Todd2019
2208Night to Remember, ABaker, Roy Ward1958
2207DownhillFaxon, Nat & Jim Rash2020
2206Answer Is, The: Reflections on My LifeTrebek, Alex2020
2205Catalogue of Shipwrecked Books: Christopher Columbus, His Son, and the Quest to Build the World’s Greatest LibraryWilson-Lee, Edward2019
2204HowardHahn, Don2018
2203Margin CallChandor, J.C.2011
2202Firm, ThePollack, Sydney1993
2201WatchmenMoore, Alan1987
2200Hamilton: An American MusicalKail, Thomas2020
2199Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire SagaDobkin, David2020
2198Vast of Night, ThePatterson, Andrew2019
21971917Mendes, Sam2019
2196BombshellRoach, Jay2019
2195Da 5 BloodsLee, Spike2020
2194Hidden Life, AMalick, Terrence2019
2193Recorder: The Marion Stokes ProjectWolf, Matt2019
2192Frozen IIBuck, Christopher & Jennifer Lee2019
2191I Am Not Your NegroPeck, Raoul2016
2190Last Temptation of Christ, TheScorsese, Martin1988
2189Enemy of All Mankind: A True Story of Piracy, Power, and History's First Global ManhuntJohnson, Steven2020
2188Selah and the SpadesPoe, Tayarisha2020
2187Triple FrontierChandor, J.C.2019
2186Blade Runner 2049Villeneuve, Denis2017
2185Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected WorldHerzog, Werner2016
2184Mask of Zorro, TheCampbell, Martin1998
2183TigertailYang, Alan2020
2182Blow the Man DownCole, Bridget Savage2020
2181OnwardScanlon, Dan2020
2180League of Their Own, AMarshall, Penny1992
2179Stop Making SenseDemme, Jonathan1984
2178NashvilleAltman, Robert1975
2177Information Hunters: When Librarians, Soldiers, and Spies Banded Together in World War II EuropePeiss, Kathy2020
2176Jojo RabbitWaititi, Taika2019
2175Miss Americana: Taylor SwiftWilson, Lana2020
2174WavesShults, Trey Edward2019
2173Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood, AHeller, Marielle2019
2172Little WomenGerwig, Greta2019
2171Wild RoseHarper, Tom2019
2170Long ShotLevine, Jonathan2019
2169Bad BoysBay, Michael1995
2168American FactorySteven Bognar, Julia Reichert2019
2167ParasiteJoon-ho, Bong2019
2166UsPeele, Jordan2019
2165Lighthouse, TheEggers, Robert2019
2164HustlersScafaria, Lorene2019
2163Fast ColorHart, Julia2019
2162Once Upon A Time… in HollywoodTarantino, Quentin2019
2161Range: Why Generalists Triumph in a Specialized WorldEpstein, David2019
2160Ad AstraGray, James2019
2159Report, TheBurns, Scott Z.2019
2158Farewell, TheWang, Lulu2019
2157Knives OutJohnson, Rian2019
2156Marriage StoryBaumbach, Noah2019
2155Irishman, TheScorsese, Martin2019
2154Dolemite Is My NameBrewer, Craig2019
2153Toy Story 4Cooley, Josh2019
2152Feather Thief, The: Beauty, Obsession, and the Natural History Heist of the CenturyJohnson, Kirk W.2018
2151May It Last: A Portrait of the Avett BrothersApatow, Judd2017
2150El CaminoGilligan, Vince2019
2149Spider-Man: Far From HomeWatts, Jon2019
2148Children's Imagination: Creativity Under Our NosesKolbe, Ursula2014
2147Mighty Fitz: The Sinking of the Edmund FitzgeraldSchumacher, Michael2005
2146Between Two Ferns: The MovieAukerman, Scott2019
2145Best. Movie. Year. Ever: How 1999 Blew Up the ScreenRaftery, Brian2019
2144Talking to StrangersGladwell, Malcolm2019
2143BooksmartWilde, Olivia2019
2142Can You Ever Forgive Me?Heller, Marielle2018
2141mid90sHill, Jonah2018
2140What’s Eating Gilbert GrapeHallström, Lasse1993
2139Big Country, TheWyler, William1958
2138Naturally TanFrance, Tan2019
2137Public, TheEstevez, Emilio2018
2136Jackie BrownTarantino, Quentin1997
2135Hard EightAnderson, Paul Thomas1996
2134CabaretFosse, Bob1972
2133Apollo 11Miller, Todd Douglas2019
2132They Shall Not Grow OldJackson, Peter2018
2131Queer Eye: Love Yourself, Love Your LifeBrown, Karamo2018
2130Karamo: My Story of Embracing Purpose, Healing, and HopeBrown, Karamo2019
2129Always Be My MaybeKhan, Nahnatchka2019
2128Wine CountryPoehler, Amy2019
2127Knock Down the HouseLears, Rachel2019
2126Who’s Afraid Of Virginia Woolf?Nichols, Mike1966
2125Fishing for Fun: And to Wash Your SoulHoover, Herbert1963
2124Lady from the Black Lagoon: Hollywood Monsters and the Lost Legacy of Milicent PatrickO'Meara, Mallory2019
2123Avengers: EndgameRusso, Anthony & Joe2019
2122Digital Minimalism: Choosing a Focused Life in a Noisy WorldNewport, Cal2019
2121All the Pieces Matter: The Inside Story of The WireAbrams, Jonathan2018
2120What is the Bible?Bell, Rob2017
2119Show Your Work!Kleon, Austin2014
2118Man Escaped, ABresson, Robert1956
2117L'AtalanteVigo, Jean1934
2116Captain MarvelBoden, Anna & Ryan Fleck2019
2115American Summer, An: Love and Death in ChicagoKotlowitz, Alex2019
2114Three Identical StrangersWardle, Tim2018
211321 Lessons for the 21st CenturyHarari, Yuval Noah2018
2112Star Is Born, ACooper, Bradley2018
2111Minding the GapLiu, Bing2018
2110Juliet, NakedPeretz, Jesse2018
2109Humans: A Brief History of How We F*cked It All UpPhillps, Tom2018
2108Being Mortal: Medicine and What Matters In The EndGawande, Atul2014
2107Pretty WomanMarshall, Garry1990
2106She’s Gotta Have ItLee, Spike1986
2105BrazilGilliam, Terry1985
2104Terms of EndearmentBrooks, James L.1983
2103Saturday Night FeverBadham, John1977
2102Clockwork Orange, AKubrick, Stanley1971
2101PlaytimeTati, Jacques1967
2100L'AvventuraAntonioni, Michaelangelo1960
2099Journey to ItalyRossellini, Roberto1954
2098Modern TimesChaplin, Charlie1936
2097Sherlock Jr.Keaton, Buster1924
2096Two Killings Of Sam Cooke, TheDuane, Kelly2019
2095High Flying BirdSoderbergh, Steven2019
2094LEGO Movie 2: The Second PartMitchell, Mike2019
2093Sisters Brothers, TheAudiard, Jacques2018
2092BecomingObama, Michelle2018
2091Cider House Rules, TheHallstrom, Lasse1999
2090GlassShyamalan, M. Night2019
2089Capitalist Pigs: Pigs, Pork, and Power in AmericaAnderson, J.L.2019
2088Ant-Man and the WaspReed, Peyton2018
2087This Is MarketingGodin, Seth2018
2086You Were Never Really HereRamsey, Lynne2018
2085Cold WarPawlikowski, Paweł2018
2084Simple Favor, AFeig, Paul2018
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615Kill Bill Vol. 2Tarantino, Quentin2004
614Kung Fu HustleChow, Stephen2004
613Mean GirlsWaters, Mark2004
612Meet the FockersRoach, Jay2004
611MiracleO'Connor, Gavin2004
610Napoleon DynamiteHess, Jared2004
609National TreasureTurteltaub, Jon2004
608Notebook, TheCassavetes, Nick2004
607Ocean's TwelveSoderbergh, Steven2004
606Open WaterKentis, Chris2004
605Passion of the Christ, TheGibson, Mel2004
604Prince and Me, TheCoolidge, Martha2004
603Sea Inside, TheAmenábar, Alejandro2004
602Shrek 2Adamson, Adam2004
601SpanglishBrooks, James L.2004
600Spider-Man 2Raimi, Sam2004
599SpongeBob SquarePants MovieHillenburg, Stephen2004
598Terminal, TheSpielberg, Steven2004
597TroyPederson, Wolfgang2004
596Village, TheShyamalan, M. Night2004
595Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!Luketic, Robert2004
594Without a PaddleBrill, Steven2004
593Big FishBurton, Tim2003
592Bruce AlmightyShadyac, Tom2003
591Capturing the FriedmansJarecki, Andrew2003
590Cheaper by the DozenLevy, Shawn2003
589Cold MountainMinghella, Anthony2003
588ElfFavreau, Jon2003
587Finding NemoStanton, Andrew2003
586Fog of WarMorris, Errol2003
585Freaky FridayWaters, Mark2003
584Gods and GeneralsMaxwell, Ronald2003
583Good Bye, Lenin!Becker, Wolfgang2003
582HolesDavis, Andrew2003
581How to Lose a Guy in 10 DaysPetrie, Donald2003
580Hunted, TheFriedkin, William2003
579IdentityMangold, James2003
578Italian Job, TheGary, F. Gary2003
577Kill Bill Vol. 1Tarantino, Quentin2003
576Last Samurai, TheZwick, Edward2003
575Lord of the Rings: Return of the KingJackson, Peter2003
574Lost in TranslationCoppola, Sofia2003
573Master and Commander: The Far Side of the WorldWeir, Peter2003
572Matchstick MenScott, Ridley2003
571Matrix Reloaded, TheWachowskis2003
570Matrix Revolutions, TheWachowskis2003
569Mighty Wind, AGuest, Christopher2003
568Old SchoolPhillips, Todd2003
567Phone BoothSchumacher, Joel2003
566Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black PearlVerbinski, Gore2003
565Recruit, TheDonaldson, Roger2003
564Runaway JuryFelder, Gary2003
563School of RockLinklater, Richard2003
562SeabiscuitRoss, Gary2003
561Secondhand LionsMcCanlies, Tim2003
560Tears of the SunFuqua, Antoine2003
559Terminator 3: Rise of the MachinesMostow, Jonathan2003
558X2: X-Men UnitedSinger, Bryan2003
55740 Days and 40 NightsLehmann, Michael2002
5568 MileHanson, Curtis2002
555About A BoyWeitz, Chris & Paul2002
554AdaptationJonze, Spike2002
553Austin Powers in GoldmemberRoach, Jay2002
552Blood WorkEastwood, Clint2002
551Bourne Identity, TheLiman, Doug2002
550Bowling for ColumbineMoore, Michael2002
549Catch Me If You CanSpielberg, Steven2002
548Changing LanesMichell, Roger2002
547City of GodMeirelles, Fernando2002
546Count of Monte Cristo, TheReynolds, Kevin2002
545Die Another DayTamahori, Lee2002
544Gangs of New YorkScorsese, Martin2002
543Hart's WarHoblit, Gregory2002
542Hot Chick, TheBrady, Tom2002
541Hours, TheDaldry, Stephen2002
540Ice AgeWedge, Chris & Carlos Saldanha2002
539In AmericaSheridan, Jim2002
538InsomniaNolan, Christopher2002
537Jackass: The MovieTremaine, Jeff2002
536Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersJackson, Peter2002
535Men In Black IISonnenfeld, Barry2002
534Minority ReportSpielberg, Steven2002
533Mr. DeedsBrill, Steven2002
532My Big Fat Greek WeddingZwick, Joel2002
531One Hour PhotoRomanek, Mark2002
530Panic RoomFincher, David2002
529Pianist, ThePolanski, Roman2002
528Punch-Drunk LoveAnderson, Paul Thomas2002
527Ring, TheVerbinski, Gore2002
526Road to PerditionMendes, Sam2002
525Rookie, TheHancock, John Lee2002
524S1MØNENiccol, Andrew2002
523SignsShyamalan, M. Night2002
522Spider-ManRaimi, Sam2002
521Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the ClonesLucas, George2002
520Super TroopersChandrasekhar, Jay2002
519Sweet Home AlabamaTennant, Andy2002
518Talk to HerAlmodovar, Pedro2002
517Walk to Remember, AShankman, Adam2002
516We Were SoldiersWallace, Randall2002
515WindtalkersWoo, John2002
514xXxCohen, Rob2002
513A.I. Artificial IntelligenceSpielberg, Steven2001
512America's SweetheartsRoth, Joe2001
511AmélieJeunet, Jean-Pierre2001
510BanditsLevinson, Barry2001
509Beautiful Mind, AHoward, Ron2001
508Believer, TheBean, Henry2001
507Black Hawk DownScott, Ridley2001
506Bubble BoyHayes, Blair2001
505Corky RomanoPritts, Rob2001
504Donnie DarkoKelly, Richard2001
503Enemy at the GatesAnnaud, Jean-Jacques2001
502Fast and the Furious, TheCohen, Rob2001
501HeartbreakersMirkin, David2001
500I Am SamNelson, Henry2001
499Jurassic Park IIIJohnston, Joe2001
498Knight's Tale, AHelgeland, Brian2001
497Lara Croft: Tomb RaiderWest, Simon2001
496Last Castle, TheLurie, Rod2001
495Legally BlondeLuketic, Robert2001
494Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingJackson, Peter2001
493MementoNolan, Christopher2001
492Monsters, Inc.Docter, Pete2001
491Moulin Rouge!Luhrmann, Baz2001
490Mummy Returns, TheSommers, Stephen2001
489Ocean's ElevenSoderbergh, Steven2001
488Pearl HarborBay, Michael2001
487Planet of the ApesBurton, Tim2001
486Princess Diaries, TheMarshall, Gary2001
485Rat RaceZucker, Jerry2001
484Royal Tenenbaums, TheAnderson, Wes2001
483Rush Hour 2Ratner, Brett2001
482ShrekAdamson, Adam2001
481Spy KidsRodriguez, Robert2001
480Training DayFuqua, Antoine2001
479Wedding Planner, TheShankman, Adam2001
478ZoolanderStiller, Ben2001
477Almost FamousCrowe, Cameron2000
476Best in ShowGuest, Christopher2000
475Cast AwayZemeckis, Robert2000
474Charlie's AngelsMcG2000
473Chicken RunPark, Nick2000
472Crouching Tiger, Hidden DragonLee, Ang2000
471Emperor's New Groove, TheDindal, Mark2000
470Erin BrockovichSoderbergh, Steven2000
469Family Man, TheRather, Brett2000
468FrequencyHoblit, Gregory2000
467GladiatorScott, Ridley2000
466High FidelityFrears, Stephen2000
465How the Grinch Stole ChristmasHoward, Ron2000
464Keeping the FaithNorton, Edward2000
463Meet the ParentsRoach, Jay2000
462Men of HonorTillman, George2000
461Miss CongenialityPetrie, Donald2000
460Mission: Impossible IIWoo, John2000
459My Dog SkipRussell, Jay2000
458O Brother, Where Art Thou?Coen, Joel & Ethan2000
457Patriot, TheEmmerich, Roland2000
456Pay It ForwardLeder, Mimi2000
455Perfect Storm, ThePetersen, Wolfgang2000
454Remember the TitansYakin, Boaz2000
453Return to MeHunt, Bonnie2000
452Skulls, TheCohen, Rob2000
451SnatchRitchie, Guy2000
450Space CowboysEastwood, Clint2000
449Thirteen DaysDonaldson, Roger2000
448TrafficSoderbergh, Steven2000
447U-571Mostow, Jonathan2000
446UnbreakableShyamalan, M. Night2000
445What Women WantMeyers, Nancy2000
444X-MenSinger, Bryan2000
443Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary GenerationEllis, Joseph J.2000
44210 Things I Hate About YouJunger, Gil1999
441American BeautyMendes, Sam1999
440Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged MeRoach, Jay1999
439Being John MalkovichJonze, Spike1999
438Blue StreakMayfield, Les1999
437Boondock Saints, TheDuffy, Troy1999
436DickFleming, Andrew1999
435DogmaSmith, Kevin1999
434ElectionPayne, Alexander1999
433EntrapmentAmiel, Jon1999
432Fight ClubFincher, David1999
431Galaxy QuestParisot, Dean1999
430Green Mile, TheDarabont, Frank1999
429Iron Giant, TheBird, Brad1999
428MagnoliaAnderson, Paul Thomas1999
427Matrix, TheWachowskis1999
426Mickey Blue EyesMakin, Kelly1999
425Mummy, TheSommers, Stephen1999
424Muppets from SpaceHill, Tim1999
423Never Been KissedGosnell, Raja1999
422October SkyJohnston, Joe1999
421Office SpaceJudge, Mike1999
420She's All ThatIscove, Robert1999
419Sixth Sense, TheShyamalan, M. Night1999
418South Park: Bigger, Longer & UncutParker, Trey & Matt Stone1999
417Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom MenaceLucas, George1999
416TarzanLima, Kevin & Chris Buck1999
415Three KingsRussell, David O.1999
414Toy Story 2Lasseter, John1999
413World Is Not Enough, TheApted, Michael1999
412American History XKaye, Tony1998
411AntzDarnell, Eric & Tim Johnson1998
410ArmageddonBay, Michael1998
409Babe: Pig in the CityMiller, George1998
408Bug's Life, ALasseter, John1998
407Deep ImpactLeder, Mimi1998
406Enemy of the StateScott, Tony1998
405Ever AfterTennant, Andy1998
404I Still Know What You Did Last SummerCannon, Danny1998
403Life Is BeautifulBenigni, Roberto1998
402Lock, Stock and Two Smoking BarrelsRitchie, Guy1998
401Mighty Joe YoungUnderwood, Ron1998
400My GiantLehmann, Michael1998
399Night at the Roxbury, AFortenberry, John1998
398Parent Trap, TheMeyers, Nancy1998
397PleasantvilleRoss, Gary1998
396Prince of Egypt, TheChapman, Brenda1998
395Rush HourRatner, Brett1998
394Saving Private RyanSpielberg, Steven1998
393Siege, TheZwick, Edward1998
392Spice WorldSpiers, Bob1998
391There's Something About MaryFarrelly, Peter & Robert1998
390Thin Red Line, TheMalick, Terrence1998
389Truman Show, TheWeir, Peter1998
388Waterboy, TheCoraci, Frank1998
387Wedding Singer, TheCoraci, Frank1998
386You've Got MailEphron, Nora1998
385Air BudSmith, Charles1997
384Air Force OnePetersen, Wolfgang1997
383AmistadSpielberg, Steven1997
382AnacondaLlosa, Luis1997
381Austin Powers: International Man of MysteryRoach, Jay1997
380Batman & RobinSchumacher, Joel1997
379Con AirWest, Simon1997
378Donnie BrascoNewell, Mike1997
377FlubberMayfield, Les1997
376Game, TheFincher, David1997
375George of the JungleWeisman, Sam1997
374Good Will HuntingVan Sant, Gus1997
373HerculesClements, Ron & John Musker1997
372Honey, We Shrunk OurselvesCundey, Dean1997
371I Know What You Did Last SummerGillespie, Jim1997
370Jungle 2 JunglePasquin, John1997
369L.A. ConfidentialHanson, Curtis1997
368Liar LiarShadyac, Tom1997
367Lost World: Jurassic ParkSpielberg, Steven1997
366Men In BlackSonnenfeld, Barry1997
365My Best Friend's WeddingHogan, P.J.1997
364Princess MononokeMiyazaki, Hayao1997
363SelenaNava, Gregory1997
362Spanish Prisoner, TheMamet, David1997
361Speed 2: Cruise ControlDe Bont, Jan1997
360TitanicCameron, James1997
359Tomorrow Never DiesSpottiswoode, Roger1997
358Waiting for GuffmanGuest, Christopher1997
357101 DalmatiansHerek, Stephen1996
356Bottle RocketAnderson, Wes1996
355Cable Guy, TheStiller, Ben1996
354Courage Under FireZwick, Edward1996
353Crucible, TheHytner, Nicholas1996
352D3: The Mighty DucksLieberman, Robert1996
351EraserRussell, Chuck1996
350FargoCoen, Joel & Ethan1996
349Fly Away HomeBallard, Carroll1996
348Happy GilmoreDugan, Dennis1996
347Harriet the SpyHughes, Bronwen1996
346Hunchback of Notre Dame, TheTrousdale, Gary & Kirk Wise1996
345Independence DayEmmerich, Roland1996
344JackCoppola, Francis1996
343James and the Giant PeachSelick, Henry1996
342Jerry MaguireCrowe, Cameron1996
341Jingle All the WayLevant, Brian1996
340MatildaDe Vito, Danny1996
339Mission: ImpossibleDe Palma, Brian1996
338Mr. Holland's OpusHerek, Stephen1996
337MultiplicityRamis, Harold1996
336Muppet Treasure IslandHenson, Brian1996
335Nutty Professor, TheShadyac, Tom1996
334RansomHoward, Ron1996
333Rock, TheBay, Michael1996
332Space JamPytka, Joe1996
331ScreamCraven, Wes1996
330That Thing You Do!Hanks, Tom1996
329TwisterBont, Jan de1996
328Into the WildKrakauer, Jon1996
327Undaunted Courage: The Pioneering First Mission to Explore America's Wild FrontierAmbrose, Stephen1996
326Ace Ventura: When Nature CallsOedekerk, Steve1995
325American President, TheReiner, Rob1995
324Apollo 13Howard, Ron1995
323BabeNoonan, Chris1995
322Batman ForeverSchumacher, Joel1995
321Billy MadisonDavis, Tamra1995
320BraveheartGibson, Mel1995
319CasperSilberling, Brad1995
318CluelessHeckerling, Amy1995
317Dead Man WalkingRobbins, Tim1995
316Die Hard with a VengeanceMcTiernan, John1995
315Father of the Bride Part IIShyer, Charles1995
314Forget ParisCrystal, Billy1995
313Free Willy 2: The Adventure HomeLittle, Dwight1995
312Grumpier Old MenDeutch, Howard1995
311HeatMann, Michael1995
310HeavyweightsBrill, Steven1995
309It Takes TwoTennant, Andy1995
308JumanjiJohnston, Joe1995
307Leaving Las VegasFiggis, Mike1995
306Little Princess, ACuaron, Alfonso1995
305Man of the HouseOrr, James1995
304PocahontasGabriel, Mike & Eric Goldberg1995
303SabrinaPollack, Sydney1995
302SevenFincher, David1995
301Tommy BoySegal, Peter1995
300Toy StoryLasseter, John1995
299Usual Suspects, TheSinger, Bryan1995
298WaterworldReynolds, Kevin1995
297Ace Ventura: Pet DetectiveShadyac, Tom1994
296AndreMiller, George T.1994
295Angels in the OutfieldDear, William1994
294D2: The Mighty DucksWeisman, Sam1994
293Dumb and DumberFarrelly, Peter & Robert1994
292Ed WoodBurton, Tim1994
291Flintstones, TheLevant, Brian1994
290Forrest GumpZemeckis, Robert1994
289Hoop DreamsJames, Steve1994
288Hudsucker Proxy, TheCoen, Joel & Ethan1994
287Lion King, TheAllers, Roger & Rob Minkoff1994
286Little GiantsDunham, Duwayne1994
285Little Rascals, TheSpheeris, Penelope1994
284Little WomenArmstrong, Gillian1994
283Léon: The ProfessionalBesson, Luc1994
282Mask, TheRussell, Chuck1994
281MaverickDonner, Richard1994
280Miracle on 34th StreetMayfield, Les1994
279Natural Born KillersStone, Oliver1994
278NellApted, Michael1994
277Pulp FictionTarantino, Quentin1994
276Quiz ShowRedford, Robert1994
275Radioland MurdersSmith, Mel1994
274Richie RichPetrie, Donald1994
273Shawshank Redemption, TheDarabont, Frank1994
272SpeedDe Bont, Jan1994
271True LiesCameron, James1994
270Beethoven's 2ndDaniel, Rod1993
269Bronx Tale, ADe Niro, Robert1993
268Cool RunningsTurteltaub, Jon1993
267Dennis the MenaceCastle, Nick1993
266Free WillyWincer, Simon1993
265Fugitive, TheDavis, Andrew1993
264Groundhog DayRamis, Harold1993
263Grumpy Old MenPetrie, Donald1993
262Homeward Bound: The Incredible JourneyDunham, Duwayne1993
261In the Line of FirePetersen, Wolfgang1993
260Jurassic ParkSpielberg, Steven1993
259Mrs. DoubtfireColumbus, Chris1993
258Perfect World, AEastwood, Clint1993
257PhiladelphiaDemme, Jonathan1993
256Robin Hood: Men in TightsBrooks, Mel1993
255Rookie of the YearStern, Daniel1993
254Sandlot, TheEvans, David1993
253Schindler's ListSpielberg, Steven1993
252Sister Act 2: Back in the HabitDuke, Bill1993
251Sleepless in SeattleEphron, Nora1993
250Wayne's World 2Surjik, Stephen1993
249AladdinClements, Ron & John Musker1992
248Batman ReturnsBurton, Tim1992
247BeethovenLevant, Brian1992
246Few Good Men, AReiner, Rob1992
245Glengarry Glen RossFoley, James1992
244Home Alone 2: Lost in New YorkColumbus, Chris1992
243Midnight Clear, AGordon, Keith1992
242Mighty Ducks, TheHerek, Stephen1992
241Muppet Christmas Carol, TheHenson, Brian1992
240My Cousin VinnyLynn, Jonathan1992
239Reservoir DogsTarantino, Quentin1992
238Sister ActArdolino, Emile1992
237UnforgivenEastwood, Clint1992
236Wayne's WorldSpheeris, Penelope1992
235Band of Brothers: E Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne from Normandy to Hitler's Eagle's NestAmbrose, Stephen1992
234BackdraftHoward, Ron1991
233Barton FinkCoen, Joel & Ethan1991
232Beauty and the BeastTrousdale, Gary & Kirk Wise1991
231Father of the BrideShyer, Charles1991
230HookSpielberg, Steven1991
229Silence of the Lambs, TheDemme, Jonathan1991
228Terminator 2: Judgement DayCameron, James1991
227What About Bob?Oz, Frank1991
226Back to the Future Part IIIZemeckis, Robert1990
225Dances With WolvesCostner, Kevin1990
224Die Hard 2Harlin, Renny1990
223Edward ScissorhandsBurton, Tim1990
222Femme Nikita, LaBesson, Luc1990
221Godfather Part III, TheCoppola, Francis1990
220GoodfellasScorsese, Martin1990
219Home AloneColumbus, Chris1990
218Hunt for Red October, TheMcTiernan, John1990
217Jacob's LadderLyne, Adrian1990
216Look Who's Talking TooHeckerling, Amy1990
215Rescuers Down Under, TheButoy, Hendel & Mike Gabriel1990
214Rocky VAvildsen, John1990
213Witches, TheRoeg, Nicholas1990
212Back to the Future Part IIZemeckis, Robert1989
211BatmanBurton, Tim1989
210Born on the Fourth of JulyStone, Oliver1989
209Do the Right ThingLee, Spike1989
208Driving Miss DaisyBeresford, Bruce1989
207Field of DreamsRobinson, Phil Alden1989
206GloryZwick, Edward1989
205HeathersLehmann, Michael1989
204Honey, I Shrunk the KidsJohnston, Joe1989
203Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeSpielberg, Steven1989
202Little Mermaid, TheClements, Ron & John Musker1989
201Look Who's TalkingHeckerling, Amy1989
200My Left FootSheridan, Jim1989
199Roger & MeMoore, Michael1989
198Turner & HoochSpottiswoode, Roger1989
197When Harry Met SallyReiner, Rob1989
196BigMarshall, Penny1988
195Die HardMcTiernan, John1988
194Land Before Time, TheBluth, Don1988
193Mississippi BurningParker, Alan1988
192Naked Gun, TheZucker, David1988
191Rain ManLevinson, Barry1988
190Thin Blue Line, TheMorris, Errol1988
189Full Metal JacketKubrick, Stanley1987
188Good Morning, VietnamLevinson, Barry1987
187Hamburger HillIrvin, John1987
186House of GamesMamet, David1987
185Princess Bride, TheReiner, Rob1987
184SpaceballsBrooks, Mel1987
183Untouchables, TheDe Palma, Brian1987
182Wings of DesireWenders, Wim1987
181AliensCameron, James1986
180Ferris Bueller's Day OffHughes, John1986
179Great Mouse Detective, TheClements, Ron & John Musker1986
178HoosiersAnspaugh, David1986
177Mission, TheJoffé, Roland1986
176PlatoonStone, Oliver1986
175Stand By MeReiner, Rob1986
174Top GunScott, Tony1986
173Back to the FutureZemeckis, Robert1985
172Rocky IVStallone, Sylvester1985
171AmadeusForman, Miloš1984
170GhostbustersReitman, Ivan1984
169Terminator, TheCameron, James1984
168This Is Spinal TapReiner, Rob1984
167Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the JediMarquand, Richard1983
166AnnieHuston, John1982
165Dead Men Don't Wear PlaidReiner, Carl1982
164E.T. the Extra-TerrestrialSpielberg, Steven1982
163Rocky IIIStallone, Sylvester1982
162TootsiePollack, Sydney1982
161Absence of MalicePollack, Sydney1981
160Blow OutDe Palma, Brian1981
159Das BootPetersen, Wolfgang1981
158Fox and the Hound, TheBerman, Ted & Richard Rich1981
157On Golden PondRydell, Mark1981
156Raiders of the Lost ArkSpielberg, Steven1981
155Airplane!Zucker, David1980
154CaddyshackRamis, Harold1980
153Raging BullScorsese, Martin1980
152Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes BackKershner, Irvin1980
151AlienScott, Ridley1979
150Apocalypse NowCoppola, Francis1979
149Breaking AwayYates, Peter1979
148Rock 'n' Roll High SchoolArkush, Allan1979
147Rocky IIStallone, Sylvester1979
146Animal HouseLandis, John1978
145Gates of HeavenMorris, Errol1978
144GreaseKleiser, Randal1978
143SupermanDonner, Richard1978
142Westing Game, TheRaskin, Ellen1978
141Annie HallAllen, Woody1977
140Close Encounters of the Third KindSpielberg, Steven1977
139Pete's DragonChaffey, Don1977
138Star Wars Episode IV: A New HopeLucas, George1977
137All the President's MenPakula, Alan1976
136Harlan County, USAKopple, Barbara1976
135NetworkLumet, Sidney1976
134RockyAvildsen, John1976
133Taxi DriverScorsese, Martin1976
132Dog Day AfternoonLumet, Sidney1975
131JawsSpielberg, Steven1975
130Monty Python and the Holy GrailGilliam, Terry1975
129One Flew Over the Cuckoo's NestForman, Miloš1975
128BenjiCamp, Joe1974
127Blazing SaddlesBrooks, Mel1974
126ChinatownPolanski, Roman1974
125Conversation, TheCoppola, Francis1974
124Godfather Part II, TheCoppola, Francis1974
123Young FrankensteinBrooks, Mel1974
122American GraffitiLucas, George1973
121Charlotte's WebNichols, Charles1973
120Mean StreetsScorsese, Martin1973
119Robin HoodReitherman, Wolfgang1973
118Sting, TheHill, George Roy1973
117Aguirre, the Wrath of GodHerzog, Werner1972
116Godfather, TheCoppola, Francis1972
115DuelSpielberg, Steven1971
114Fiddler on the RoofJewison, Norman1971
113French Connection, TheFriedkin, William1971
112Last Picture Show, TheBogdanovich, Peter1971
111MASHAltman, Robert1970
110PattonSchaffner, Franklin1970
109Butch Cassidy and the Sundance KidHill, George Roy1969
108Easy RiderHopper, Dennis1969
107Goodbye, Mr. ChipsRoss, Herbert1969
106Midnight CowboySchlesinger, John1969
105Planet of the ApesSchaffner, Franklin1968
104Yours, Mine and OursShavelson, Melville1968
103Bonnie and ClydePenn, Arthur1967
102Cool Hand LukeRosenberg, Stuart1967
101Graduate, TheNichols, Mike1967
100Guess Who's Coming to DinnerKramer, Stanley1967
99In the Heat of the NightJewison, Norman1967
98Jungle Book, TheReitherman, Wolfgang1967
97To Sir, With LoveClavell, James1967
96BatmanMartinson, Leslie1966
95Sound of Music, TheWise, Robert1965
94ThunderballYoung, Terence1965
93Dr. StrangeloveKubrick, Stanley1964
92Hard Day's Night, ALester, Richard1964
91Mary PoppinsStevenson, Robert1964
90My Fair LadyCukor, George1964
89Birds, TheHitchcock, Alfred1963
88Great Escape, TheSturges, John1963
87Where the Wild Things AreSendak, Maurice1963
86Dr. NoYoung, Terence1962
85To Kill A MockingbirdMulligan, Robert1962
84Babes in ToylandDonohue, Jack1961
83Lover Come BackMann, Delbert1961
82Hustler, TheRossen, Robert1961
81One Hundred and One DalmatiansReitherman, Wolfgang1961
80Parent Trap, TheSwift, David1961
79West Side StoryWise, Robert & Jerome Robbins1961
78Apartment, TheWilder, Billy1960
77Inherit the WindKramer, Stanley1960
76PsychoHitchcock, Alfred1960
75SpartacusKubrick, Stanley1960
74Swiss Family RobinsonAnnakin, Ken1960
73To Kill a MockingbirdLee, Harper1960
72North by NorthwestHitchcock, Alfred1959
71Plan 9 from Outer SpaceWood, Ed1959
70Sleeping BeautyReitherman, Wolfgang1959
69Some Like It HotWilder, Billy1959
68Tom ThumbPal, George1958
67Touch of EvilWelles, Orson1958
66VertigoHitchcock, Alfred1958
6512 Angry MenLumet, Sidney1957
64Bridge on the River Kwai, TheLean, David1957
63Sweet Smell of SuccessMacKendrick, Alexander1957
62Man Who Knew Too Much, TheHitchcock, Alfred1956
61Searchers, TheFord, John1956
60Ten Commandments, TheDeMille, Cecil B.1956
59NightWiesel, Elie1956
58Blackboard JungleBrooks, Richard1955
57Guys and DollsMankiewicz, Joseph1955
56Lady and the TrampGeronimi, Clyde1955
55Rebel Without A CauseRay, Nicholas1955
54Complete Stories, TheO'Connor, Flannery1955
53Creature from the Black LagoonArnold, Jack1954
52Dial M for MurderHitchcock, Alfred1954
51On the WaterfrontKazan, Elia1954
50Rear WindowHitchcock, Alfred1954
49Seven Brides for Seven BrothersDonen, Stanley1954
48Two Towers, TheTolkien, J.R.R.1954
47Fellowship of the Ring, TheTolkien, J.R.R.1954
46I ConfessHitchcock, Alfred1953
45Peter PanGeronimi, Clyde1953
44ShaneStevens, George1953
43Stalag 17Wilder, Billy1953
42High NoonZinnemann, Fred1952
41Singin' in the RainDonen, Stanley1952
40Charlotte's WebWhite, E.B.1952
39African Queen, TheHuston, John1951
38Alice in WonderlandGeronimi, Clyde1951
37Streetcar Named Desire, AKazan, Elia1951
36All About EveMankiewicz, Joseph1950
35CinderellaGeronimi, Clyde1950
34RashomonKurosawa, Akira1950
33Sunset BlvdWilder, Billy1950
32Third Man, TheReed, Carol1949
311984Orwell, George1949
30Bicycle ThievesDe Sica, Vittorio1948
29RopeHitchcock, Alfred1948
28It's A Wonderful LifeCapra, Frank1946
27NotoriousHitchcock, Alfred1946
26Postman Always Rings Twice, TheGarnett, Tay1946
25Lost Weekend, TheWilder, Billy1945
24Arsenic and Old LaceCapra, Frank1944
23Double IndemnityWilder, Billy1944
22BambiHand, David1942
21CasablancaCurtiz, Michael1942
20Citizen KaneWelles, Orson1941
19DumboSharpsteen, Ben1941
18Maltese Falcon, TheHuston, John1941
17Sergeant YorkHawks, Howard1941
16FantasiaSharpsteen, Ben1940
15Foreign CorrespondentHitchcock, Alfred1940
14RebeccaHitchcock, Alfred1940
13PinocchioSharpsteen, Ben1940
12Gone with the WindFleming, Victor1939
11StagecoachFord, John1939
10Wizard of Oz, TheFleming, Victor1939
9Snow White and the Seven DwarfsHand, David1937
8Of Mice and MenSteinbeck, John1937
7Mutiny on the BountyLloyd, Frank1935
6It Happened One NightCapra, Frank1934
5King KongCooper, Merian & Ernest Schoedsack1933
4City LightsChaplin, Charlie1931
3Sun Also Rises, TheHemingway, Ernest1926
2Great Gatsby, TheFitzgerald, F. Scott1925
1Kid, TheChaplin, Charlie1921