2023 in review

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My view from the end of all things 2023:

Here’s what this year looked like for me:

  • The overwhelming and overarching fact of my life this year was welcoming a second child in May. We’ve been living in the wake of that event ever since, for better (cuteness, brother silliness) or worse (his reflux and terrible sleep).
  • On the professional front:
    • In January my job got reduced to half time with a day’s notice, so…
    • I had to pick up a second, full-time job to stay afloat. Worked not-great hours between both jobs for about two months, until…
    • My original job went back to full time. However…
    • After that experience I started looking hard for different job, and…
    • Finally got one, which I started in June and am very happy at.
  • Enjoyed hangout times with friends and family
  • Saw a shooting star at one of said hangout times
  • Saw the Okee Dokee Brothers at Ravinia, and were first in line to get a vinyl signed and picture with the Bros
  • Lots of fun stuff with the 4 year old, including:
    • Raised butterflies
    • Played Super Mario
    • Pondered bathtime
    • Spotted bugs
    • Fostered curiosity
    • Took him mini golfing for the first time
    • Many visits to the children’s museum and local pools
    • Went to a carnival and did a spinny ride for the first time
    • Took him to his first minor league baseball game and on the way out one of the parking attendants gave him a foul ball that had been hit out of the stadium
  • Lots of fun stuff with Cinema Sugar:
  • Celebrated 17 years blogging, which included:
  • Did Halloween trick-or-treating in the snow with a fussy infant in tow but still managed to have a good time
  • Got an electronic adjustable desk for my home office so I can work standing up or sitting down
  • Read 15 books and watched 102 new movies
  • Watched some good TV (Quarterback and Emergency NYC on Netflix) and great TV (The Bear)
  • Added more quality discs to my collection, including the Back to the Future trilogy on Blu-ray, a Babylon SteelBook, and Criterion Blu-rays of Malcolm X, Summer Hours, Inside Llewyn Davis, and Sound of Metal

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  1. Its a wonderful life….