The Preservation of Tangibility

What started with a web search for Wendell Berry’s mailing address led me to this article by Sandra McCracken about her pilgrimage to visit the Sage of Port Royal—thus combining two of my favorite artists into one webpage. A passage from McCracken’s reflections stood out: One of my favorite moments was when Wendell said that he is… Read more The Preservation of Tangibility

The Shepherd’s Life

Really enjoyed James Rebanks’ The Shepherd’s Life: Dispatches from an Ancient Landscape, a memoir of a sheep farmer told season by season. I followed his Twitter account for a while and enjoyed the seeming simplicity the stream of sheep pics depicted. Reading this memoir, however, disabused me of any assumptions I’d made about the life of… Read more The Shepherd’s Life

The Meaning of the Library

A few interesting tidbits from The Meaning of the Library: A Cultural History (ed. Alice Crawford)… In “The Renaissance Library and the Challenge of Print” by Andrew Pettegree, we learn the library was not always a hushed, solemn place: The Renaissance library was a noisy place—a place for conversation and display, rather than for study and contemplation.… Read more The Meaning of the Library

The Ballad Of X

“It would be nice if people were to understand that science is a special exercise in perceiving the world without metaphor, and that, powerful though it is, it doesn’t function as a guide to those very large aspects of experience that can’t be perceived except through metaphor.” —Francis Spufford, Unapologetic “If modern science is a religion,… Read more The Ballad Of X