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One Typed Quote

One Typed Quote is my online catalog of typewritten quotes from books, movies, and more.


See my Typewriter Database profile for entries about each typewriter. Links go to my own posts about them as applicable.

  • Brother (Kmart) 100
  • Hermes 3000
  • Olivetti Dora
  • Olivetti Lettera 22 (post)
  • Olympia SM7 Deluxe (post)
  • Remington Portable 3 (post)
  • Royal Arrow
  • Smith Corona Electra 12 (post)
  • Smith Corona Silent
  • Smith Corona Skyriter


Display of some of my typewriters and related books at my library in April 2018 in honor of National Poetry Month.
Now-outdated snapshot of my collection as of February 2016.
I’ve hosted three different type-ins thus far. Tap the image to see more pics and commentary from these typetastic get-togethers.