Librerapy: the life-changing magic of library browsing

As parents of littles know, going to the library with kids is a very different experience than going solo. (“Traveling with young kids is not a vacation, it is a trip.”)

When in chaperone mode, if I’m lucky I can wrangle the three year old for just long enough to let me quickly browse the new movies and grab a book if I know what I’m looking for. After that, he’s off to the kids area and entirely unconcerned about how I’d like to use the library.

On the rare occasions I’m able to go on my own, it’s an luxurious experience: slowly scanning the new books and movies and CDs for anything eye-catching, venturing into the book sale room. It can help sand off the jagged edges of the day and become therapeutic for an introverted library lover like me.

Which made me think: libraries + therapy = librerapy. Don’t know if anyone has capitalized on this concept yet, but it’s just sitting there…