Kristen Wiig = Hilarious

I’m always annoyed when people say Saturday Night Live isn’t as good as it used to be. It’s unfair to judge a group of relatively unknown performers against their much more famous predecessors. Especially when their predecessors and their funniest skits have had time to become more popular and time-tested.

That said, these first two episodes of SNL, with the exception of their two opening skits, have been sub-par. And I’m one of those people who can appreciate the more farcical and ridiculous skits that don’t make it on air until 11:45 (Central time).

But what has stood out to me for a few years now is Kristen Wiig. She is freaking hilarious. With Amy Poehler leaving the show after the election to give birth and star in her own sitcom (which is also freaking awesome), I’m glad there will be a strong female character with weirdo characters and the complete lack of inhibition when it comes to performing. She’ll also probably have to take over Amy Poehler’s brilliant, Emmy-nominated Hillary Clinton impersonation when Amy leaves.

And, boy, are Kristen Wiig’s characters weird. In a good and funny way. Some of my favorites: the Surprise party enthusiast, the female half of the “Two A-holes”, the Jar Glove ad, Aunt Linda the film critic, and Penelope the one-upper. She finds a voice and a quirky tic and absolutely sells it. Complete dedication to character.

Her impressions, as well, are killer. Especially that of Pam Beesley from The Office.

Anyway, I’ll keep watching SNL because it’s still funny. And because Kristen Wiig is finally finding the center stage.


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