It’s Chadabout time

Well, I done did it—I started a newsletter.

It’s called Chadabout and it’ll be a monthly digest of my writing from this blog, plus other things of interest from real life and around the web.

No spam, no ads, no algorithms—just words and links sent with love from your favorite librarian, cinephile, and typewriterist.

A newsletter, huh?

I know, I know: Another newsletter by a straight white dude?

Let me make two things clear: it’s not on Substack (it’s on the minimalist Buttondown) and it’s fully free. Not free for two weeks then paywalled—100% free.

My readership, as humble as it is, has been pretty spread out between WordPress, my various social accounts, and individual-post email followers. I figured this would be the best way to have a direct line to people who are interested in an occasional update on what I’ve been up to.

Fear not: writing on will remain my priority and labor of love, as it has since 2006. This newsletter is just a supplemental tool for spreading the good word of my work.

I’m in, now what?

You can read the first issue here. It includes the origin of “Chadabout” along with some links I enjoyed, a recommendation, a quote, and a question I hope you’ll respond to.

If you follow this blog via email or WordPress you should have gotten the first issue already. If not, head here to subscribe via email or RSS.

Regardless, thanks for reading my stuff, however you do it.


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