DDC 080-089: Paging Carrot Top

A Teach Me How To Dewey production

The Rundown:

  • 080 General collections
  • 081 Collections in American English
  • 082 Collections in English
  • 083 Collections in other Germanic languages
  • 084 Collections in French, Occitan & Catalan
  • 085 Collections in Italian, Romanian & related languages
  • 086 Collections in Spanish & Portuguese
  • 087 Collections in Slavic languages
  • 088 Collections in Scandinavian languages
  • 089 Collections in other languages

In case you don’t remember (or have tried to forget) (a) payphones, (b) the “comedian” Carrot Top, or (3) the AT&T “Collect” commercials featuring Carrot Top and payphones, let me enlighten you. (Warning: this video might give you unwanted flashbacks to Carrot Top and the early 2000s.) For some tragicomedic reason that’s the first thing I thought of when coming upon this section of Dewey, dedicated to “collections” in all their vague, aggregated glory. But true to their nature, this collection of collections brings together a diverse array of topics into one accessible place. Most of these books I’d still consider bathroom reading rather than weighty nightstand material, though I guess that will depend on how things are going in the bathroom.

The Dew3:

My Bad: The Apology Anthology
Edited By Paul Slanksy
Dewey: 081 MY
Random Sentence: “I did take some lives and I’m very sorry for that.” -David Berkowitz

‘Found’: The Best Lost, Tossed, and Forgotten Items From Around the World
By Davy Rothbart
Dewey: 081 FOU

Best-Loved Chinese Proverbs
By Theodora Lau
Dewey: 089.951 LAU
Random Sentence: Don’t try to scoop the moon from the bottom of the sea.”


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