I’m in the middle of David McCullough’s Truman, a 1,000-page biography (not including the end-matter). Given its girth I figured I’d have to take a break at some point. Sure enough, page 500 rolls around and I get a notification that Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind is finally ready for me at the library. So I start that one and immediately love it.

Then I remember I have two forthcoming books I need to review for Booklist with fast-approaching deadlines. So now I’m in a book while reading another book, which itself is a break from another book.

In other words: Bookception.


2 responses to “Bookception”

  1. I was watching “America’s Got Talent” recently and some guy was simultaneously spinning eight dinner plates on poles. The audience was entertained and I thought pssshhh, that’s nothin’. I can read eight books in eight different rooms at the same time.

    1. Too many book levels! You’re in too deep! I’m a relatively fast reader but that would take me forever to finish all of them.