A new home for ‘The Wedding Singer at NCC’

Back in early 2011 I produced a photo documentary of the student-directed stage musical production of The Wedding Singer at North Central College, where I’d graduated the year before.

I set up shop on Tumblr and documented the behind-the-scenes process over the 10-week period. It was fun to watch the show come together from the first rehearsal to the final bow, and I ended up with a nice audiovisual project for my portfolio.

But when I saw the news that Tumblr was being left out to pasture, I wanted to find a new home for this project. Eventually I realized: where better than my own turf? So I created a fresh WordPress subdomain on this site, transferred the posts and photos from Tumblr, cleaned them up a bit, and voilà:


It was fun to relive this journey as I set up this new digital home. I’m really proud of the shots I was able to get and the journalistic storytelling as a whole, which included cast/crew interviews alongside the day-to-day dispatches.

Read it for yourself. I set up the posts chronologically, so you can start at the homepage and go from there.

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