A list of movies

A friend tagged me in one of those Facebook chain-letter things, which I usually ignore but this one was about movies so why not. (Posting here to avoid giving Facebook free content to exploit.)

Movie I hate: Slumdog Millionaire

Movie I love: October Sky

Movie I think is overrated: The Shape of Water

Movie I think is underrated: Return to Me

Movie I could watch on repeat: Hell or High Water

Movie that made me fall in love with movies: Back to the Future

Movie that changed my life: High Fidelity

Guilty pleasure*: National Treasure

Movie I should have seen by now but haven’t: The Shining (but really, most acclaimed horror films)

* I don’t believe in this term, but whatever.


nataliepohorski says:

Thank you for humoring me! Only surprises for me on your list are Hell or High Water and The Shining. Agreed about Shape of Water! I would’ve had that on my list, too.

Chad says:

I’m a wimp about horror. And I was surprised about Hell Or High Water too but something about it just hooks me.


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