A list of movies

A friend tagged me in one of those Facebook chain-letter things, which I usually ignore but this one was about movies so why not. (Posting here to avoid giving Facebook free content to exploit.)

Movie I hate: Slumdog Millionaire

Movie I love: October Sky

Movie I think is overrated: The Shape of Water

Movie I think is underrated: Return to Me

Movie I could watch on repeat: Hell or High Water

Movie that made me fall in love with movies: Back to the Future

Movie that changed my life: High Fidelity

Guilty pleasure*: National Treasure

Movie I should have seen by now but haven’t: The Shining (but really, most acclaimed horror films)

* I don’t believe in this term, but whatever.

2 responses to “A list of movies”

  1. Thank you for humoring me! Only surprises for me on your list are Hell or High Water and The Shining. Agreed about Shape of Water! I would’ve had that on my list, too.

    1. I’m a wimp about horror. And I was surprised about Hell Or High Water too but something about it just hooks me.


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