The AI-powered typewriter

First published as an Instagram Reel just for funsies.

Have you heard about the latest hot gadget? It’s called a “typewriter” and it has all the fancy, cutting-edge features you need:

High-res screen — the writing surface looks just like real paper because that’s what it is

Strong security — your writing is encrypted and unable to be viewed by third parties because it’s just on a piece of paper in your house

Wi-Fi enabled — you’ll be Wireless Finally

Crazy long battery life — you literally batter it to make it work

Insightful analytics — you’ll be able to track reader views and clicks because the number will always be zero

Powered by AI — only an Analog Individual can operate it

Find one in your local app thrift store today!

One response to “The AI-powered typewriter”

  1. Our library director found a typewriter at an estate sale and put it in our HS library. Students LOVE it! The familiar clickety-clack sound brings back all the nostalgia for the staff and simple curiosity from students.
    “How does it work?” they ask looking it over.
    I add paper.
    “Now what?”
    I demonstrate how typing raises each individual key to stamp on the paper.
    “Whoa, cool!” (Commences furious typing) Then at the end of the line, they jump as the device BINGs. Confusion sets in again. I demonstrate returning the carriage to the left justified position. “Whooooaa!”
    I say, “It’s a 1940s Chromebook” and then walk away.