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DDC 170-179: What are you reading under there?

A Teach Me How To Dewey production

This Is How We Dewey:

  • 170 Ethics
  • 171 Ethical systems
  • 172 Political ethics
  • 173 Ethics of family relationships
  • 174 Occupational ethics
  • 175 Ethics of recreation and leisure
  • 176 Ethics of sex and reproduction
  • 177 Ethics of social relations
  • 178 Ethics of consumption
  • 179 Other ethical norms

Time to get ethical, everyone. In our continuing journey through the 100s, I’ve noticed that the focus thus far has been on how and what to think vis a vis psychology, logic, and philosophical schools of thought. Now, with ethics, we’ve dipped our toes into action, or more specifically how what we think should influence what we do. Almost every profession or discipline has a branch of professional ethics that tackle the what-ifs and sticky situations of the vocation.

For libraries, these often involve heady topics like intellectual freedom, the right to privacy, and the dos and don’ts of access and collection development. A popular manifestation of this is ALA’s Banned Books Week, wherein libraries feature frequently challenged books and debate how best to protect the freedom to read when it’s under attack. (Speaking of under, the most frequently challenged book of 2013? Captain Underpants. Yep.)

So while your local librarians fight to keep a children’s book series about a scantily clad superhero on the shelves, consider the occupational and ethical absurdities you have to deal with in your own profession. Any wild examples?

The Dew3:

True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-fact Society
By Farhad Manjoo
Dewey: 177.3
Random Sentence: “Presidents, for one, don’t matter much, they found.”

How We Behave at the Feast: Reflections on Living in An Age of Plenty
By Dwight Currie
Dewey: 170.44
Random Sentence: “When all else fails, you’ve always got mail.”

How to Be A Hepburn in A Hilton World: The Art of Living With Style, Class, and Grace
By Jordan Christy
Dewey: 170.842
Random Sentence: “The same goes for Lifehouse’s hunky front man, Jason Wade.”