Rules for Biking

I recently went on a bike ride to the library with my 5 year old. It was the first time he was on his own (training-wheeled) bike instead of riding along in the trailer and it was really fun. He was so jazzed up about it, which caused him to start monologuing his thoughts throughout the entire ride.

Some of those thoughts morphed into what he considers the Rules for Biking, which are as follows:

1. “Always look forward, except when there’s wildlife or really beautiful parks, and you can just look for a second.”

2. “If you get a scrape on your leg, it looks cool. Not too much cool, just still a little bit of cool.”

3. “Everyone who loves biking should stick together.”

Bonus quote: “Ahhhh, don’t you just love having the wind in your face?”

One response to “Rules for Biking”

  1. I happen to be going on a long bike ride tomorrow, so I appreciate the timely post! Will definitely try to stick to these rules on the ride, would hate to break a rule! 🙂 <3