RIP Marcus Theaters policy trailer

You know the part of movie theater previews when they show what’s basically an in-house ad for the host theater chain, along with housekeeping items like silence your phone, no talking, etc.?

I’ve learned these are called policy trailers and that many of them are available online. I was curious if I’d be able to find the one for Marcus Theaters, which dominated my adolescent theatergoing in Madison, WI, circa 2000-2006.

Lo and behold:

This is burned into my being. The movie clips did get updated over time with newer movies, but in my recollection the format stood for a long time. Just like the various movie studio intros, these trailers conditioned me to know I was about to (hopefully) see something great.

It’s one of the many theaters that COVID-19 killed, so I’ll cherish this video (like the abandoned movie posters) as another relic of a lost era.

2 responses to “RIP Marcus Theaters policy trailer”

  1. I can smell popcorn when listening to that policy trailer. I remember this one too (super low quality, uploaded 16ya)

    1. Oh man! Silence those pagers indeed!