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Refer Madness: A Patron Mount Rushmore

My latest Refer Madness column for Booklist‘s Top Shelf Reference newsletter—“A Patron Mount Rushmore”—concerns those patrons who are so iconic yet so mysterious that they deserve to be chiseled into stone, or at least wondered about. Curiosity, after all, is an important tool of the library trade.

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  1. We have a couple (don’t know if they are mother and son or a married pair) who come into our college library almost every day. They are always attired in grey sweatshirts and sweatpants. The man spends all his time on Google Maps, looking up places named after people. The woman often seems to be doing some kind of schoolwork. Amongst ourselves, we refer to them as “The Greys” because they seem indistinct, and they never speak except to ask for a pencil.

    Amusing, too, that I got a link to this from Booklist Online, yesterday. I saw it and thought, “Could that be the Chad Comello from the Typosphere?” Well, I suppose we are often a scholarly bunch, with our eccentric writing machines and all.

    • Chad

      January 23, 2018 at 4:15 pm

      The very same! Didn’t realize I’d created an impression amongst typeheads, but I’m happy to find another typist librarian.

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