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More photography here. And on my Instagram.

Pretty cool frost patterns on my car window (I call this one “Frozen Fractals All Around”):

A few shots of my building’s backyard in the snow:

Scraping off the car one morning, the snow shavings fell in a pattern that encircled the car. They contrasted well with the dark asphalt, and sorta looked like the Milky Way:

And a bonus GIF from when I was looking through microfilm at work for a patron. The zooming effect made it look like those whirling newspaper montages in old movies:

2 responses to “Recent Views”

  1. Okay, why is scrolling internet text nauseating and yet skimming through microfilm has a calming effect? Could there be an additional, toxic effect to modernity of which we are not yet aware?

    Still waiting for Winter to really arrive, here in fly-over country.

    1. There’s just something about the combination of analog tape and a digital screen.


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