OED can you see?

A used books and records store in my town just moved even closer to my place. Today I stopped by and saw a two-volume Oxford English Dictionary Compact Edition. It comes in a case and with its own magnifying glass, because they weren’t kidding when they called it compact:

I exercised enough self-control to pass on it, but one day…

2 responses to “OED can you see?”

  1. A few years ago, a former instructor donated an OED Compact Edition to our college library. It was fun to look at, as a novelty, but ultimately of little use to our reference collection. These are not small volumes, either. So, if one has space for them, there’s likely room for a normal, multi-volume set which doesn’t require a magnifying lens.

    1. Right. If I had a luxurious wood-paneled personal library at home it would be a fun novelty as you say. But otherwise it would just be more work to look anything up.


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