My own ‘Back to the Future: The Musical’

I finally listened to the original cast recording of Back to the Future: The Musical, which is making its Broadway debut in June 2023. I can’t say I loved every song, though the new showtuned rendition of “Power of Love” is most welcome:

It also reminded me that years ago I started making my own musical version of the trilogy. Well, it wasn’t a musical per se—more like an anthology of songs dedicated to various secondary characters.

Here are the more fully formed song ideas, which also have lyrics and a basic idea of the musical style:

  • “The Easy Way” — a doo-wop tune sung by Biff’s henchmen (inspired by Billy Zane’s line in this scene)
  • “I’m Jailbird Joey” — an outlaw country/blues song for Uncle Joey
  • “Raise a Glass for Red” — an Irish ballad campaign song for Mayor Red Thomas
  • “Can You Spare A Moment (For the Clocktower)” — a kind of military march for the “Save the Clocktower” woman
  • “Reese & Foley” — theme song for an ‘80s buddy cop TV show featuring the two cops who take Jennifer home in Part II

Other potential song subjects I sketched out: Chester the bartender, Terry the mechanic, Farmer Peabody, and Principal Strickland.

(Not) coming to a Broadway theater near you!