Guess the movie

Movie trailers usually spoil too much so I try to get to theater showings late to avoid them. But since I was right on time to Thor: Ragnarok, these were the trailers I saw: Jumanji, Pacific Rim Uprising, Justice League, Black Panther, and Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Guess which one made me literally say “Oh hell yeah.”

I’m assuming the Jumanji trailer already used up the good jokes. Didn’t see the first Pacific Rim and I thought this was another Transformers, so no. The latest Star Wars interests me only because Rian Johnson is directing. Justice League might be good if Wonder Woman isn’t the only good thing about it.

So the winner is: Black Panther. Lupita N’yong’o! Michael B. Jordan as the villain! Non-CGI Andy Serkis for once! Ryan Coogler directing! Sign me up.

2 responses to “Guess the movie”

  1. Same! But I went to see Blade Runner 2049. Due to a “technical issue” I had to sit through all the previews twice. Black Panther trailer was my favorite even above the Last Jedi trailer (not a great one in my opinion).

    1. Just rewatched Captain America: Civil War and remembered how dull Black Panther is in that, so here’s hoping he’ll be able to shine in his own space.


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