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DDC 120-129: Deweyterminism

A Teach Me How To Dewey production

The Rundown:

  • 120 Epistemology, causation, and humankind
  • 121 Epistemology
  • 122 Causation
  • 123 Determinism and indeterminism
  • 124 Teleology
  • 125 No longer used—formerly Infinity
  • 126 The self
  • 127 The unconscious and the subconscious
  • 128 Humankind
  • 129 Origin and destiny of individual souls

Can we discuss 125 for a second? “Formerly Infinity”? That 1) should be a high school garage band or Tumblr immediately, and 2) is, when you think about it for a second, an insane mind-melt. Something used to be infinite but now is not?

I was also intrigued by teleology, which is the study of evidences of design in nature. In fact, all of these topics are terrifically vast fields of knowledge through which we can frolic and smell the books. (Though if you start poking around the subconscious, get ready to find some crazy stuff.) If you’re looking for some light beach reading, now you know where to start.

The Dew3:

Life is a Miracle: An Essay on Modern Superstition
By Wendell Berry
Dewey: 121
Random Sentence: “If local adaptation is important, as I believe it unquestionably is, then we must undertake, in both science and art, the effort of familiarity.”

Love: Plato, the Bible, and Freud
By Douglas Morgan
Dewey: 128
Random Sentence: “Love is, among many other things, a fact.”

The Philosopher and the Wolf: Lessons From the Wild on Love, Death, and Happiness
By Mark Rowlands
Dewey: 128
Random Sentence: “The truth is, I suppose, that I’ve always been a natural misanthrope.”


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