DDC 050-059: Killer serials

A Teach Me How To Dewey production

The Rundown:

  • 050 General serials & their Indexes
  • 051 Serials in American English
  • 052 Serials in English
  • 053 Serials in other Germanic languages
  • 054 Serials in French, Occitan & Catalan
  • 055 Serials in Italian, Romanian & related languages
  • 056 Serials in Spanish & Portuguese
  • 057 Serials in Slavic languages
  • 058 Serials in Scandinavian languages
  • 059 Serials in other languages

Journalism, the saying goes, is the first draft of history. It takes the first stab at what’s going on the in the world, with the assumption that future historians will take that draft and make corrections, additions, and judgements with the benefit of distance. With this in mind, bringing all those “first drafts” together into one publication (like the examples below do) creates a different and unique dynamic, where an overarching story emerges out of a series of first drafts–a whole that becomes greater than the sum of its parts. It’s fun to walk through the whole history of something and see how certain events were experienced at the time compared to how they are interpreted today.

The Dew3:

Paper Dreams: Writers and Editors on the American Literary Magazine
Edited by Travis Kurowski
Dewey: 051 PAP
Random Sentence: “In those days, in Iowa City, twenty-five dollars bought a hell of a lot of beer.”

Time: The Illustrated History of the World’s Most Influential Magazine
Edited by Norberto Angeletti
Dewey: 051.09 ANG
Random Sentence: “This was a fascinating, maddening, challenging, and ultimately expanding experience.”

The Classic Era of American Pulp Magazines
By Peter Haining
Dewey: 051.09 HAI
Random Sentence: “It was pretty young girls that evildoers invariably had it in for.”