A yellow typewriter off to greener pastures

I’m winnowing down my typewriter collection a bit in a bid to maximize our minimal storage space and send my lesser used models off to greener typing pastures.

One of those deaccessioned machines is this 1962 Kmart Brother 100, whom my wife affectionately nicknamed Leonard:

This was one of the early acquisitions in my initial collecting frenzy inspired by reading The Typewriter Revolution in December 2015. I got it from an antique shop for $20 and sold it for a pretty profit.

The buyer said his twin 7 year olds had asked for a typewriter for Christmas, which warmed my heart because it’s the perfect starter machine for budding typists and is going to what sounds like a loving home. It’s in mint condition and types like a charm, so it’ll be ready for whatever those kids have coming its way.

Farewell, Leonard. May your typings be as tight and bright as your compact yellow form!