It’s fall outside, of orange and redthere’s a chill on the airwinter’s biting at my front doorand I’ve plunged into despair The sun is setting, the wind’s suspendingon the golden horizonthe leaves crunch to my earsthe colors are souvenirsand they’re saying ‘come home son’ This is the lifethis is the listeningof words we missof songs… Read more Souvenirs

The Prestige

The Prestige is a film about magicians and their illusions, but it is also an illusion itself. In the film and in magic, we are first shown the Pledge; a seemingly ordinary scenario that we will assume is probably not so ordinary. Alfred Borden (Christian Bale) and Rupert Angier (Hugh Jackman) two rival magicians who… Read more The Prestige

Hey brother!

I just finished watching the final episodes of Arrested Development on DVD. If I haven’t told you before, please rent the DVDs. It is by far one of the best comedies and overall television shows I have ever seen. It is a unique kind of comedy, so be ready for fast moving storylines and a… Read more Hey brother!


This is the artistic version of the previous post. It’s a writing project I had to do for Creative Writing last year. The objective was to write a story/opinion piece/whatever in the perspective of the opposite sex. My attempt got the top prize for realism. See what you ladies think. Sometimes I wish I were… Read more Desirable

a guarantee

I was walking back to my room after history class today and my conversation with my neighbor Jon took an interesting turn. He pointed out a girl on the other side of the street whom he thought to be attractive. He went on to explain that she wasn’t drop-dead gorgeous by any means, but he… Read more a guarantee

Right you are, Aristotle

We’re reading Nicomachaen Ethics in my Philosophy 100 class. In Book IX Aristotle talks about friendship and what it requires. The three kinds of friendship he describes are: 1. utility: where each party finds something of use in the other 2. pleasure: whether it be simply enjoying each others company or sharing a common interest… Read more Right you are, Aristotle

Test one two…

I thought I’d give this blog thing a whirl. I realized that I have all these thoughts floating around in my head and they never seem to get into my journal or someplace useful. Let’s just have a discussion. You and me, camping in the mountains beneath the stars with nothing better to do than… Read more Test one two…