Chacho En Bogota

Hola amigos cerca y lejos. I’ve officially been here for a month now, which means I’m almost a third through my time here. It’s a strange thought because it means eventually I’ll have to start thinking about what I’m doing to do when I get back to the States. I, like many people, will need… Read more Chacho En Bogota

Rockin’ Guat 2009: Episode 11

SUNBURN, SWELTERING HEAT, AND SURF Hello hello! Sorry for the space between posts. We’ve been in Chiquimulilla for the last two weeks with no Internet connection, but now we’re back in Guatemala City with Jeanette and JuanCarlos and have lots to share! Denis and Alvira, our friends in Chiquimulilla, essentially became our Guatemalan aunt and… Read more Rockin’ Guat 2009: Episode 11