Big Returns: How Fantasy Football is Like Stock Market Investing

This is a guest post by my friend and fantasy football foe Brian Waters. By Brian Waters, CFP® Note: Nothing mentioned in this article is meant to be a recommendation for your investment portfolio. The rapid increase in popularity of daily fantasy football leagues like DraftKings and FanDuel has triggered a debate over whether these games constitute gambling. One… Read more Big Returns: How Fantasy Football is Like Stock Market Investing

Football is Fun

I love reading Ask Vic, the daily Q&A column from writer Vic Ketchman. He’s a self-proclaimed “dinosaur” of football, accustomed to the old ways of the game but trying to adjust to the new ones. One of his responses on Monday stuck out as essential reading for football fans everywhere, but especially the fanatics whose… Read more Football is Fun

Getting Bretter

There’s new quarterback drama in Green Bay this season that will likely quicken the blood flow through the cheese-clogged arteries of Packers fans like me. We are lucky that it does not involve the health status of Aaron Rodgers, who looks yet again ready to conquer the league. Rather, it involves whether Brett Favre will… Read more Getting Bretter

Last Day At Lambeau

And I thought Wisconsin’s long, state-wide nightmare was over. A new documentary called Last Day At Lambeau, which chronicles the Brett Favre “retirement” saga of 2008, is set to be released in Madison next week and is sure to re-trigger some dormant emotions among Packers fans about the Ol’ Gunslinger himself. I haven’t see the film… Read more Last Day At Lambeau