Love & Mercy

As biopics go, Love & Mercy is more interesting than most. I liked how the two arcs and time periods of Brian Wilson’s life start off on their own but then slowly merge like converging highways. Having ’90s Brian in our heads as we watch ’60s Brian slowly devolve personally and psychologically, even as he peaks… Read more Love & Mercy


When you’re parched and dehydrated and take that first drink of cool water, you can feel it slide down your sandpapered throat like a tingling balm to soothe your thirst. That’s what it felt like to listen to Anathallo’s “All the First Pages” yesterday, a relatively bad day. Fate got fidgety, wanted to spice things up, so… Read more Burned

Breaking Newsies

My betrothed and I caught the penultimate performance of Newsies: The Musical in Chicago on Saturday night. We’d been watching prices on StubHub for a while and finally jumped on them Saturday morning for the 8 PM showing. So glad it worked out because I’ve been excited to see it since its announcement years ago. I went with “Breaking… Read more Breaking Newsies

13 In ’13: A Pop Culture Omnilist

Standard operating procedure for making year-end culture lists says to rank your ten favorite films/albums/books, but I’ve recently soured against this convention. Choosing a pre-determined number of “the best” among many great works, as all award shows do, is great entertainment but entirely arbitrary. So this time around, I decided to institute my own arbitrary… Read more 13 In ’13: A Pop Culture Omnilist

What Is This Feeling?

I made a goal to see more theater (musicals especially) and this year I’ve succeeded. The Book of Mormon, then Once, and now Wicked, which I saw on Thursday. I loved the music of Once in its own right, but it’s different from that of the others, which are more traditional showtunes. That said, there is something I love about… Read more What Is This Feeling?

Electrick Children

And you’ll see the glitter of crashing cymbals and you’ll hear the thunder of rolling drums and the shimmer of trumpets. Ta-ta-ta! And you’ll feel something akin to the electric thrill I once enjoyed. — “Seventy Six Trombones” from The Music Man How does God speak? Through nature, according to the book of Job. Through Jesus and… Read more Electrick Children

Ringo Starr Beatles Songs, Ranked

Because the Internet needs more lists. “Octopus’s Garden” — Abbey Road (1969) “With a Little Help From My Friends” — Sgt. Pepper’s (1967) “Good Night” — The White Album (1968) “What Goes On” — Rubber Soul (1965) “Don’t Pass Me By” — The White Album (1968) “Yellow Submarine” — Revolver (1966) “I Wanna Be Your Man” — With the Beatles (1963) “Act Naturally” —  Help! (1965) “Honey Don’t” — Beatles… Read more Ringo Starr Beatles Songs, Ranked