My Hometown

“I’m going back to my hometown. Gonna sit right down and take a look around. Tall trees talking all around the shore where the wood meets the river at the forest floor. … Does a true heart change or does it stay the same? I think I’ll go on back to from where I came.”… Read more My Hometown

Macho, Macho Men: Vulnerability In ‘Casino Royale’ And ‘The Bourne Identity’

Originally published in the North Central Chronicle on April 25, 2008. John McClane, Rambo, the Terminator. They are the American Action Hero: muscular, terse, a killing machine. They favor spouting clever catchphrases and blowing stuff up over expressing emotion. To them, women are hors d’oeuvres best enjoyed while they serve cold dishes of revenge to… Read more Macho, Macho Men: Vulnerability In ‘Casino Royale’ And ‘The Bourne Identity’

those three words… part 2

Those wordsThose three wordsThe end all of every phone callThe start of every time apart from youThe definition of what we areTogether apart, either one is better than beforeSitting in neutral, afraid to say more Those wordsThose three wordsThey flow like a wave awayCrashing on the dock of the bayWith grace and sometimes misplacementBut I’ve… Read more those three words… part 2

those three words…

Those wordsThose three wordsThe bane of my existenceThe thesis of the paper I’ve never writtenThe end of the date I never went onThe kiss goodbye I never got or gave Those wordsThose three wordsThey end every phone callEvery birthday card, every letter homeExcept mineI can’t send these three little wordsFrom my head to an utteranceIt’s… Read more those three words…

weddings and radiance

Ah, weddings. The one event that guarantees complete immunity from all of the stupid, drunken things people do there. The last wedding I went to there was no alcohol, so I got to observe people in their sober states. Naturally, as a quiet observer of people, I picked up on a few things. (As there… Read more weddings and radiance